Teachers and health workers mobilized this morning to repudiate the repression they suffered last Thursday on the Highway and continue with their demand for a salary increase. Let’s remember that the self-convened teachers rejected the agreement of the union leaders with the Government and they have been fighting for more than 3 weeks.

Governor Sáenz spoke this morning trying to separate himself from the repression, stating that there is no money to improve what he agreed with the leadership of the Intergremial. He tried to deny that there was repression and said that the 19 defendants for actually fighting “only” were delayed. What he cannot explain, if that were the case, is why 19 teachers have open cases.

What is impressive is that the strike that began on May 4 is gaining more strength and just as the Provincial Assembly voted on Saturday, there is a rejection of the increase and discount of the days of strike. Added to the flags is the prosecution of those who are being persecuted by the State and its justice system.

The Health sector also claims the mobile 82% for its retirements.

Today the fight will continue with other actions. In the afternoon tertiary students convene in the Plaza de 9 de Julio and different institutes. In this way, they join the popular support from parents and students, who say “no with repression” and accompany the teachers’ demands.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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