Massive torchlight march in Plaza Belgrano, San Salvador de Jujuy

The march that took place this Friday in the center of San Salvador de Jujuy was called by various union organizations, including Cedems. It was a response to the attacks that the Morales government has been carrying out against those who are facing its repudiated constitutional reform, which had the complicit support of the PJ.

In the last 72 hours, unidentified police officers violently entered the family’s home Dominguez, who in the repression of June 20 had suffered the arrest of two of his children. Without a search warrant, two young men were taken into custody. That same day, the complaint that the teacher and artist Camila Muller She had been assaulted at her home. Three hooded people entered. In addition, the Government twice sent the repression against the population of Perico, which has been cutting Route 66 against the Reform.

This Friday the torchlight march was greater in number of demonstrators than the concentration that took the name of “Peace March” called by the ruling party. Sectors of the middle class that support the repressive policy of the Government participated in the latter. In addition, sectors of precarious workers were coerced to participate by the state apparatus. It is not the first time that Morales and the mayors who respond to him politically resort to this method of squeezing to show adherents in demonstrations that they call.

Torch march in San Salvador de Jujuy
Torch march in San Salvador de Jujuy

This Friday, throughout a large part of the day, the teaching of Adep maintained a tenure in the Ministry of Finance. The Government had announced that a meeting will take place to discuss parities. Minister Carlos Sadir, current head of that portfolio and governor-elect, did not attend the meeting. He left the teachers waiting for hours. Finally, at night, there was a meeting, after hours of complaints and pressure from those who claimed. There were no new salary offers. There was, on the contrary, discount threats done in installments. A blackmailtrying to defeat the fight that has already been fighting for four weeks.

Upon leaving the meeting, the bureaucratic conduct of Adep He withdrew without giving any further explanation. She promised to “come back” to do it. At the close of this note, that had not happened. At the Ministry of Finance, a large contingent of teachers were preparing to spend the night to follow the control measures.

The force to defeat the reform continues to be expressed. It happened this Friday, on the night of San Salvador. It is also expressed in the hard struggle of Adep’s teaching. It is also maintained in the roadblocks that are carried out in at least ten points in the province, with strong participation of the original communities.

However, the Union leaders do not consider giving a channel to this fight. The CGT and the CTA left the scene a week ago. The Multisectorial, headed by SEOM, proposes torchlight marches and a legal strategy of declaring the reform “unconstitutional”, something that the Supreme Court, a friend of Larreta and Morales himself, should do.

To unite all the forces in struggle, it is necessary to fight to set up a great Provincial Assembly of workers and native communities, that gathers the strength of the workers and workers, their union organizations, the students, the original communities, among others. A force that must unite to impose a provincial strike until the reform is defeated.

With this perspective, this Thursday the Assembly against the Reform of the people, workers, communities, students and human rights. A regrouping pole to fight to unite all the sectors in struggle. In this first meeting it was agreed to fight for that great Provincial Assembly that would allow joining forces. We must resume the open struggle until the reform is thrown out.


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