Grown up after the ‘face to face’ with Pedro Sánchez, Alberto Núñez Feijóo has intensified his strategy of the useful vote for the PP. At the same time that the autonomous governments are being formed thanks to the arrival of the extreme right in power, the conservative candidate tries to get away from these alliances. He first endorsed them to the regional leaders and now he distances himself from Santiago Abascal with the intention of ‘fishing’ in his electorate.

Feijóo asks for the vote “to avoid the blockade” and calls Vox’s option a “sanchista joke”


The balance of the PP has been complex from the beginning and has been riddled with contradictions. Even on the day that an agreement with the extreme right gave Carlos Mazón the ‘jewel in the crown’, the presidency of the Valencian Community, the party leadership charged this Thursday against Vox. While the already Valencian president made a speech with nods to his coalition partner, the campaign spokesman, Borja Sémper, attacked the “voxadas”.

One of Feijóo’s main inconsistencies has been to defend that the list with the most votes should govern while it has seized power from the Socialists in dozens of places where they won the elections. The Canary Islands, Extremadura, Toledo or Valladolid are some of the places where his promise has been missed. “We have reached governance and government pacts with Vox because it is the result of the elections and where the citizens lead us with their vote,” Sémper assumed in an interview at Cope, this Thursday.

“From the governments we are not going to allow the management to be plagued by voxadas […]. What I am convinced is that it will not take us to a place where we are not, ”added the conservative spokesman a few hours before the Valencian president took care of his government partner in the investiture speech.

The new presidents, against the story of “the wolf is coming”

Mazón, who has included the Equality portfolio in a vice presidency, diluted sexist violence in his inauguration speech by including it in a generic statement and condemning “any type of violence that occurs in any workplace, sexist, intra-family, gender or of sexual identity”.

María Guardiola from Extremadura followed suit by staying within the presidency with equality powers. Her case is paradigmatic of the contradictions of the PP in its relationship with Vox. After assuring that he could not “let into the Government those who deny sexist violence, those who use the bold stroke, those who are dehumanizing immigrants and those who unfurl a canvas and throw the LGTBI flag into a bin”, he took a turn 180 degrees in the face of pressure and reached an agreement with Vox.

“I venture that in this Assembly someone will announce with a catastrophic tone a setback in social rights if I am invested and as a result of political desperation they will resort to hyperbole. Someone will base his speech on the hackneyed tale that the wolf is coming and we have already been told this story other times, ”he said in his inauguration speech, that he will get ahead with the votes of the extreme right that he reneged on. “Citizens are not fooled by the tale of fear. The wolf did not appear in Andalusia, it did not appear in Madrid and it will not be seen in Extremadura”, added Guardiola, who has already admitted that he was failing his word when reaching an agreement with Vox, but has justified it again with different arguments within hours of seize the presidency. “What others are going to disguise as a threat, as a risk, I see as an opportunity for dialogue and joint work, as a bridge to harmony.” She did dare to expressly refer to gender violence: “We are going to fight with all our might to eradicate gender violence (…). Not a step back, not an understatement.”

The one who boasted of his government with Vox was Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, who was the first PP leader to maintain power thanks to sharing it with the extreme right. At that time, Feijóo managed to escape because the agreement took place in full interim in Genoa. “We have a useful and effective government. Since we formed a government 14 months ago, many things have been heard, a lot of noise, many attacks by the sanchismo to Castilla y León, but people are not stupid, people are not fooled and they have given us their support in this community on May 28″, said the regional president, despite episodes such as the irruption of ranchers in the Sub-delegation of the Government of Salamanca for the controls on bovine tuberculosis that Vice President Juan García Gallardo is committed to reducing against scientific criteria and those of Brussels.

While the territorial leaders of the PP temporize with their new allies, Feijóo has gone on the attack at a time when in Genoa they have expectations of reaching a sufficient majority to govern alone. Thus, the Galician has raised his tone against those of Abascal, whom he has defined as a “‘sanchista’ joke”, “allies of ‘sanchismo'”. “blackmailers”, “intermediaries” or “commission agents”. Together with Fernández Mañueco, he expressly avoided talking about the management of the regional Executive and even insisted on his intention not to have to agree with Vox by reiterating his offer for the one with the most votes to govern. “Why don’t we agree not to agree? Why don’t we agree on the need to go to parties that have no management or government experience?” He said, referring to the allies of the PP in Castilla y León, among other communities and capitals.

“I don’t want to depend on anything or anyone other than the Spanish. We are not going to submit to any blackmail because Spain is not blackmailed ”, Feijóo said in Burgos this Thursday. “I ask for the vote to annul any threat of blockade and to unblock the country. Unlock him from those who seem like his goal is just to have a position in a counseling. Those who say that they are very patriotic always ask for the vote and always say that you have to vote for Spain, ”he rebuked those of Abascal, without expressly citing them.

The useful vote strategy that worked in Andalusia

And it is that one of the excuses that the PP has found to attack Vox is the refusal to facilitate the government of Fernando López Miras in the Region of Murcia, but behind it is the strategy of staying with their voters. Feijóo launched himself unceremoniously for that part of the electorate after the debate against Sánchez. “Both those who vote for ‘Sanchismo’, ERC, Bildu, Puigdemont’s party or those who vote for Vox are the guarantee that Sánchez will stay in Moncloa,” he said at a rally in Cádiz on Tuesday.

The PP candidate climbed the useful vote supported by the Andalusian president, Juanma Moreno Bonilla, who succeeded in claiming a majority vote so as not to depend on the extreme right. The choice of the least bad had an effect in Andalusia, where the weariness of decades of socialist power was coming together.

“Only the PP is going to offer a free government. Do you know why? Because we don’t have agreements with anyone, with anyone, and even less with those who ask for a vote for the PP and it turns out that what they are proposing is that the PP should govern; but do not vote for the PP ”, he said, referring to Abascal but ignoring all his agreements. “Only the PP offers majorities without guardianships or guardianships, as Fraga would say, without blackmail or blockades,” he settled.

The strategy has been eloquently summarized by the PP spokesman in the chain of bishops: “We want to appeal to the vote for change, to the people who are angry, worried, who believe that there is another possible Spain, who believe in a more edifying, that unites the vote around the PP. This has a clear and direct addressee: they are those who in the past voted for Vox and who today see that Vox does voxadas and they do not want a Spain the same as Sánchez but the other way around”, said Sémper, before finishing off: “And to those socialists than in the past [votaron al PSOE] or that they continue to have the heart in the PSOE, but that they do not recognize it in Sánchez ”.

Feijóo himself was even clearer at a rally in Burgos when he gave as an example those constituencies in which four deputies are distributed: “There are only two possibilities: two PP and two PSOE or three PP and one PSOE.” If you really want to kill him sanchismo, we unite and finish him off sanchismo. On the contrary, if you do not vote for the PP, but you say that you want the PP to govern by voting for a party other than the PP, how is this explained? And if it is also evident that you are not going to get any deputy? It is not a vote for change, it is a vote to keep the sanchismo”, he argued, pulling the manual of simple arithmetic of the D’Hont system.


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