This Wednesday a new stage of the fight plan voted by the social organizations that make up the Piquetera Unit is carried out.

The measures will begin at 10 in the morning and in the Amba area it includes cuts in the Pueyrredón Bridge, La Noria Bridge, Route 3 and Gral. Paz, 197 and Panamericana, lowering of the La Plata highway, Route 23 and West Access (Moreno) and cuts in Puerto Madero. In addition, there will be a hundred courts throughout the country.

Social organizations denounce: “Toloza Paz, from the hunger table to hunger at the table”, criticizing the adjustment made by the Minister of Social Development to those who survive with social plans.

As they have been proposing in their actions, the government has cut social plans (Promote Work), it does not make the shipments requested by the kitchens, nor does it deliver tools. From the UP they denounce that this adjustment is an IMF recipe and they demand that these elementary measures be fulfilled and also the increase in the amounts of the plans.

Let’s remember that a few days ago the poverty data was released: 18 million people in that situation. The beneficiaries of Empowering Work charge 34,700 pesos, when the INDEC family basket is located at 177,000 pesos.

From the Movement of Classist Groups and the PTS will participate in the actions. They join the complaint against social adjustment, support the claims brought by the organizations and propose to unite the employed and the unemployed to fight for wages and the reduction of the working day that allows the creation of jobs with rights.


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