The Vox advisor in the Government of Extremadura, Camino Limia, has presented her resignation to the president, María Guardiola, and her dismissal will take effect this Friday with the publication in the Official Gazette of Extremadura.

Limia, who has been in office for two and a half months, was the only Vox advisor in the coalition Executive with the PP. As announced by the spokesperson for the Extremadura Regional Government, Victoria Bazaga, in an emergency appearance called late this Thursday, Limia has already communicated her decision to the president and the Vox parliamentary group and it was made due to “ personal motives”. Bazaga explained that Guardiola “has attended to” this request and that is why she will be dismissed starting this Friday.

The new head of Forest Management and Rural World will be the general director of Forest Management, Hunting and Fishing, Ignacio Higuero de Juan. To do this, an extraordinary governing council will be held to remove Higuero de Juan from his current responsibility and, subsequently, Guardiola will appoint him as a director.

The still Minister of Forest Management and Rural World published this Thursday on the social network of Falconers for this detail. Falconry is an art of hunting… and as in life, decisions must always be made with arrogance and patience, and with dignity like the flight of these wonderful birds, fair, precise and faithful to their principles.”

In the early hours of October 5 he wrote: “Three names; Audax, Ditalco and Minuro; They have gone down in history as the most infamous Turdetans. Rome did not pay traitors but it did pay for the death of Viriatus. The Shepherd who came to Caudillo, and with honor defended Hispania (Extremadura) from traitors and cowards.”

Camino Limia entered the Extremaduran Government after the pact that PP and Vox closed to invest María Guardiola as president. Her department was responsible for extinguishing forest fires, hunting and bullfighting, while environmental responsibilities went to the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, Mercedes Morán.

Clashes between PP and Vox

This situation has caused friction over competencies, which, according to some sources, have been decisive in the resignation of the Vox advisor. These sources explain that the start of hunting on the public estates of the Monfragüe National Park starting this October could be behind this decision. Limia has defended that hunting activity should also be extended to private farms and felt unauthorized by Morán.

This has not been the only confrontation between PP and Vox in Extremadura, which have not yet completed 100 days of government. Santiago Abascal’s party gave a warning to María Guardiola and threatened to let the Extremaduran Executive fall after the contempt of the president, who in several interviews with local media assured that she had no contacts with Vox and that her government was not an acronym. , but “of people.”

Guardiola’s attempts to try to make invisible the fact that he governs with the extreme right are joined by friction for taking over some of the measures that the Board has approved in recent weeks, such as the tax reduction, which includes the elimination of the Wealth Tax, which required Vox, but that the president announced alone after a government council.

Other confrontations have occurred due to the PP’s decision to eliminate universal free school meals, which caused Vox to join the PSOE and Unidas por Extremadura to demand the reversal of the measure; or the maintenance of aid to unions and employers, despite the fact that the pact includes a “drastic” reduction of these subsidies.

The latest scuffle occurred this week over the implementation of the parental veto in the classrooms, which María Guardiola denies, although it is included in the government agreement. To force the president to take a position on this demand of her partners, Vox has presented an impulse proposal in the Assembly, which will be debated in the next plenary session, so that the Extremadura Government “immediately” removes the books and material educational that may affect the “innocence” of minors and to guarantee that parents have “prior knowledge and acceptance” of the content that their children receive in the classrooms.


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