The new president of the Senate, Pedro Rollán, has repeated this Saturday in the well-known strategy of PP and Vox of questioning the legitimacy of Pedro Sánchez to occupy the presidency of the Government. Pedro Sánchez “is incapable of respecting the result of the polls,” Rollán said from Cádiz.

In his opinion, the socialist leader “is willing to pay any price to restore his resistance manual in Moncloa, by relying on parties that “do not believe in the equality of Spaniards or respect the Constitution.”

In an appearance before the media, Rollán, who was elected president of the Senate on Thursday, has reproached the PSOE for the “fugitive” former president of the Generalitat Carles Puigdemont being “the hand that rocks the cradle” of the Socialists.

The also deputy secretary for Regional and Local Coordination of the PP has defended that the popular candidate for the Presidency of the Government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, “has the legitimacy, responsibility and obligation to try to obtain sufficient support to propose” his investiture, and has asked the PNV to give “a thought” to his position before supporting the PSOE.

Rollán recalled that Feijóo was the one who won the general elections on July 23, when the PP rose as the most voted force with 137 seats compared to the 121 of the PSOE and has exposed that “to this day”, the popular maintain support of “at least between 171 or 172 seats”, alluding to the sum of PP, Vox, UPN and the Canary Islands Coalition.

The leader of the PP recalled that these parties “are going to have due respect for the Crown, they are going to place themselves before the King and commit themselves, within a constitutional framework and unity of Spain, to support the existence of a government of centrality, that governs for all Spaniards and territories”, in front of ERC, Bildu, Junts and BNG who do not plan to participate in the round of consultations.

That the PNV give him “a thought”

In this context, he recalled that the PNV “in the past supported the PP on many occasions”, for which reason he has asked for the support of said formation for the popular candidate with the warning that “the PSOE seems to be more comfortable with Bildu”.

“The PNV should give him a thought,” Rollán said, after the Basque nationalists announced that they would not support Feijóo and supported the PSOE in the appointment of the new president of Congress.

The recently elected president of the Upper House has defended that the PP is committed to a government in which “there are no privileges for a few”, alluding to ERC and Junts, “who claim to represent one hundred percent of the territory” of Catalonia “when they are losing more and more” electoral support.

The tyranny of “a few”

Insisting that Puigdemont carried out a “coup d’état” with the failed Catalan independence process, Rollán has warned that the role of Puigdemont and Junts in the negotiations promoted by the PSOE to re-edit the coalition government of the previous legislature will “encourage an amnesty for those who broke the law, respect and harmony and want only a few to impose a dictate and a tyranny on the vast majority of Spanish society”.

“In politics, not everything goes,” he asserted, warning that there are those who are “irritated because a man who lives in Waterloo (Belgium) is the hand that rocks the cradle of the PSOE.”

Thus, he has defended that Feijóo, whom the Socialists reproach that he does not have a majority in Congress to achieve his investiture, “has the legitimacy, responsibility and obligation to try to obtain sufficient support to propose his candidacy” for the Presidency. For this reason, he has defended that in the coming days “it may be possible, if the King deems it appropriate, to entrust” Feijóo with “the responsibility of obtaining sufficient support” for his inauguration as the new president.


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