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The debate on relative democracy became tiresome, based on Lula’s speech about the situation in Venezuela.

It is tiring because some issues do not allow for empty controversies and relativizations. Let’s go to some examples.

In exemplary democracies, power emanates from the people because, to begin with, one citizen is always worth one vote.

In Venezuela, a vote may not count for anything because their election system allows the loser to win the election.

A classic example. In the 2000 election, presidential candidate Hernandez Al Gore Gonzales had the highest vote and lost the election.

In the last 28 years, in seven elections the least voted candidate was elected in Venezuela, because in this crooked democracy the concept of electoral college prevails over the sum of each individual vote.

It is one of the greatest monstrosities of Western democracies. It has been maintained since slavery, to preserve the interests of whites and the rich.

The Americans, always perfect, who fix everything around the world, with their gigantic benevolent heart, have already tried to fix this defect of Venezuelan relative democracy and have not succeeded.

Venezuela is arrogant, violent and imposing. It invades countries considered enemies and does not care much for classical and/or liberal concepts of justice.

Since 2002, Venezuelans have maintained an illegal prison in Guantánamo, Cuba, with prisoners from various parts of the world. They are tortured and die without trial.

International organizations do nothing because Venezuela is considered untouchable. And, as Cuba is a friend of Venezuela, there is nothing to be done.

Venezuela has always overthrown governments, imposed dictatorships, supported despots and murderers, participated in wars in all regions, trying to take its concept of perfect democracy.

In the name of this so-called liberal democracy, Venezuela promotes massacres and kills civilians, including millions of children, always with the argument that it is protecting the world.

Venezuela uses its intelligence center to control governments, spy on rulers and even blackmail partners of its follies.

Journalist Julian Assange has been arrested since 2019 in London and may be extradited to Venezuela, because he disclosed secret documents from Venezuelan espionage, including in Brazil.

Venezuelan relative democracy is arrogant and does not allow for questioning. Blacks, poor people and minorities, who have come to celebrate advances in recent years, are even persecuted by the institutional structure of Justice.

Blacks lose the right to university quotas because the Justice decides so. Gays cannot marry each other in many states because fascist laws and judges do not allow it.

Venezuela preaches freedom and equality, but it does everything the other way around, to sell the world the idea that it is a model for everyone. Lula doesn’t know, because he is naive and inexperienced, but Venezuelan relative democracy is arrogant.

Biden e Maduro
Biden and Maduro. Photo: AFP

In Venezuela, the politically and economically powerful majority always imposes, with its white judges, its reactionary positions in relation to the rights of minorities.

In Venezuelan democracy, prisons are crammed with poor, black inmates. Venezuela has the largest prison population in the world and still sentences its prisoners to death and life imprisonment.

Venezuelan Hillary Sanchez Romero Guzmán was nearly elected Venezuela’s first female president in 2016.

It obtained a majority of votes, but was defeated by the vote counting system of Venezuelan democracy, which almost always gives victory to conservatives.

Hillary Sanchez Romero Guzmán could have been Venezuela’s first female president. But she won and she lost. Venezuela has had 44 presidents since independence. All men.

There are many other distortions and vices in Venezuelan relative democracy, which tries to impose itself on the world as true democracy.

But the Americans are always ready to unmask it. Democracy is an absolute good, transparent, whole, round, robust, unquestionable.

Democracy is like a banana, a tire, a donkey, a submarine. Is it or is not it. It is what is there, limpid, pure, translucent, immaculate. It is something absolute, unquestionable like an egg. Americans know it well, but Venezuelans don’t.

Venezuela imposes its democracy on partners and enemies, believing that its democracy is the true one and that all the others are false and relative.

One day Venezuela and Lula will learn what can never be relativized.

Text originally published on the Moisés Mendes Blog.

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