While the social organizations were concentrating in the KM0 of Mendoza, and in the framework of the escalation against the organizations at the national and provincial level, the Mendoza Police detained leaders of the Polo Obrero and the FOL.

While inflation in the province exceeded 6% in the last month, throwing thousands of working families into poverty, the Government of Mendoza responds with a mega police operation, both in Plaza Independencia and in KM0 to prevent the development of the mobilization.

There are 4 detainees and they were transferred to different police stations in Godoy Cruz and Luján de Cuyo. Referents from the Polo Obrero denounced that the arrests were carried out without any order and that the police informed them that they were due to previous complaints. Despite the police provocation, the mobilization will develop towards Government House. Together with the organizations of the Piquetera Unit and other organizations, a delegation of the PTS in the Left Front was present to accompany the mobilization and demanded the immediate release of all the detainees.

News in development….

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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