Christian Castillo passed pro C5N this Friday. The candidate for national deputy in Buenos Aires for the lists headed by Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño referred to the speeches of the right, which attack the right to protest of working people.

Among other things, he indicated that there is a lot of “agreement in a country scheme, to raise funds through extractivism to pay the IMF, with low wages, job insecurity. That is the country model of Massa, Larreta, Bullrich and Milei, with nuances. A little more extreme one and the other. The way to stand out is to make verbal fireworks. What are they going to say? If the government is adjusting”.

In addition, he pointed out that the political discourse towards the right does not imply a right-wing of society. “Look at what Jujuy showed. There is no blank check to settle the people. As soon as they wanted to go on the offensive, with an anti-rights reform, the people rebelled. Teachers with salaries; the native peoples, who say they are not going to take our lithium without us resisting. There Morales was also seen embraced by Peronism from Jujuy. That embrace of infamy, when the people were in the streets”.

He also recalled the role played by the conventional members of the Left Front in that reform: “On the other side, the conventional leftist comrades denouncing this, putting their bodies into the mobilization. Like Alejandro Vilca, Natalia Morales and all the comrades. Denouncing what is an attempt to advance in the sense of prohibiting social protest, which is an inalienable and fundamental right.

In the same sense, he denounced that “right-wing journalism and right-wing candidates repeat over and over again that mobilizing or participating in a protest is a crime. That is by no means so. Even in the current jurisprudence that exists in Argentina, it is false. The right to protest is an inalienable, fundamental right”. He added that “what is always stigmatized are the forms of struggle of the working class and the popular sectors, such as the strike, the factory occupation, the picket line. Now, sitting in the bag silo and blackmailing the entire country, that’s not it”.

He also indicated that “in society there is anger, there is discontent, there is impotence, there is disorientation. I believe that, on the agenda, we from the left have the responsibility to set another agenda: that wages beat inflation; or reduce the working day to six hours, without affecting the salary to create 1,200,000 jobs with rights”.


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