The metallurgical conflict continued to escalate this week. As we reflect, on Tuesday there was a strong national strike with mobilization to the Techint Group buildings. The strike continued this Thursday, and when the second consecutive day of strike began, the Ministry of Labor issued the mandatory conciliation. It would last 6 days. We speak conditionally because of the official measure, it comes into force from 5:00 p.m. but before that, the general secretaries of the union will meet to define whether they abide by it or not.

These hours would be valuable to carry out assemblies in the workplaces or the sectional ones, so that the workers and metallurgical workers define what to do and how to continue the fight.

Last night, at the time the government’s measure was announced, a statement from the Steel Chamber, which brings together the steel industry, was also released, where it was victimized by union measures and assured that the request “leaves us out of international markets.” Something as false as it is surprising, because the big companies in the sector have been making colossal profits.

The reconciliation comes at a time when unemployment was beginning to affect some productive sectors. According to the Clarín newspaper, “the cessation of activities ordered by the UOM that started last Tuesday and continued today affected the supply and deliveries to the construction chain and the metal-mechanics value chain, which had already been operating with minimum stocks for its operation.” There it becomes clear who are the ones who make the metallurgical industry work and who have the strength to paralyze it when their rights are attacked.

The truth is that the steel sector is not the only one that is in conflict. Unemployment covers all branches. It is that far from what the Chamber of Steel says, in the steel mills themselves there are thousands of outsourced and contracted workers, but also in other branches the wage situation is tougher, with starting salaries that start at 90,000 pesos and workers with years of seniority that do not reach 150,000 pesos, far from the family basket.

In these days the anger of the workers and metallurgical workers was shown. Despite the loss of presenteeism and awards, tens of thousands went on strike and marched to Techint. It is not a parity, they are decades of attacks on the pocket and working conditions.

They are important hours. The UOM and its sections are in time to hold assemblies so that all the metallurgists can give their opinion on how to continue the plan of struggle, not only for the quarterly parity but for the recovery of everything lost, the transfer to the plant of the hired workers and all the workers’ demands.


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