The judge investigating Alberto González Amador, partner of Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has postponed the statement of the investigated person that should have taken place this morning after PSOE and Más Madrid, who carry out the popular accusation, requested the postponement so that more can be done. proceedings in view of the indications that the businessman could have committed more crimes, apart from the two of tax fraud and one of falsification of documents for which he is currently listed as a defendant.

The popular accusation considers that there are indications that the aggravated type of crimes against the public treasury can be applied in the case of González Amador due to the existence of an organization and the use of “an entire accounting engineering, through the use of legal entities or interposed physical bodies, some of them based abroad, to commit the crimes,” legal sources have informed

The document presented by PSOE and Más Madrid also indicates the possible existence of five other possible crimes: two of unfair administration, one of accounting falsehood, another of business corruption and another accounting crime. The aforementioned document states that in these facts “elements can be found that allow us to suspect that the facts, in relation to the object of the documentary falsifications and tax fraud, affect more accounting elements than those initially indicated, which would affect the amount defrauded and those responsible for the events.”

González Amador was summoned again this Monday before the court investigating him at 10:00 a.m. for tax fraud of more than 350,000 euros after getting rich in the pandemic by selling masks. The writing of the PSOE and Más Madrid has been registered at 9:00 am. The statement was postponed from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Judge María Inmaculada Iglesias Sánchez has adopted the following decision.

The same sources explain that it was not until June 12 that the accusations were able to access the documentation in the case, and that it includes the supposed new evidence against González Amador, especially the report from the Tax Agency that led to the Prosecutor’s complaint. And that this has prevented them from studying the case in detail, they maintain.

Now, what is expected is that the magistrate will give a period of time to those investigated and the rest of the parties so that they can rule on whether or not to investigate the crimes that the popular accusations attribute to the businessman. Afterwards, the magistrate will make a decision on the matter. Everything indicates that the new summons of those investigated will not occur until after August, which is a non-working month for all judicial actions except those declared urgent by procedural laws.

The lawyer Ricardo Corzo, who represents the three Andalusians – a baker, a waiter and a small businessman – who supposedly helped González Amador carry out the alleged fraud, has already announced that he will oppose the expansion of the complaint proposed by the popular accusations. . In statements to the media from the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid, Corzo has said that his clients are “harmed” by a writing whose content they do not know because that has motivated the suspension of the statement after making the trip from Seville. .

For his part, the Más Madrid deputy Hugo Martínez Abarca has justified that the “complexity” of the case justifies the document presented. “We do not take anything for granted, but we do believe that further investigation should be carried out. It makes sense that the statement is postponed so that the defenses can prepare,” he stated.

Second summons suspended

This Monday was the second time that the commission agent had to go to court after the first appearance, on May 20, was suspended after the businessman maintained before the judge that he wanted to agree to a sentence for tax fraud that would avoid jail. That day he remained hidden in the facilities for three hours and put on a wig to try to mislead the journalists. This investigation runs parallel to another case in which he presents himself as a victim of revelation of secrets by the same Prosecutor’s Office that reported him.

As revealed, Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s partner earned almost two million euros in an intermediation in the purchase and sale of masks during the pandemic. It is a much higher amount than what his company Maxwell Cremona had invoiced since its creation. But, as he himself acknowledged, González Amador implemented a system so that his Corporate Tax bill would not multiply proportionally, using, to do so, a scheme of false invoices and front companies.

He did it in several ways. Most of the fraud was perpetrated through two invoices that totaled more than a million and a half between them and that did not correspond to real jobs, one in Mexico and the other in the Ivory Coast. The rest through invoices that arrived from a network of companies without workers based in the Sevillian town of Arahal. The result: in his 2020 declaration he underpaid 155,000 euros and in 2021 he saved another 195,951 euros.

The case came to the hands of a court in Madrid’s Plaza de Castilla after an exhaustive investigation by the Tax Agency, which led to a complaint from the Prosecutor’s Office for two tax crimes in competition with another of document falsification. Now, the judge will have to decide whether the document presented by the PSOE and Más Madrid has sufficient basis to expand the investigation into the partner of the president of the Community of Madrid.

In recent months, this newspaper has also revealed that after that hit, González Amador bought the apartment where he lives with the president and that the two also enjoy a second home located right above that apartment that is owned by some businessmen linked to the commission agent. The administrator of the company that owns this second residence is related to the president of Quirón Prevention, a subsidiary of the main contractor of contracts in the Community of Madrid in health matters. Both properties are valued at 2.8 million euros at market price. During this time, neither González Amador nor the president have explained what they enjoy from that luxury penthouse in exchange.


At we are aware that publishing investigations like that of Ayuso’s partner is not easy, that there may be consequences. At least we know what we’re dealing with this time. They have made it clear to us and in writing: “We are going to crush you, you are going to have to close.” The threats from Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, the right-hand man of the president of Madrid, are not just a warm-up. It is not even the first time that he has resorted to pressure like this to prevent information from being published.

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