The Council of Ministers next Tuesday, June 25, will approve the 2.5% salary increase for public employees, retroactively from January, as reported by the CCOO and UGT unions.

This 2.5% increase is part of the increase planned for the salary of civil servants this year, according to the agreement that the Government signed with the CCOO and UGT unions, and which contemplates an increase of 2%, plus 0.5 Additional % depending on the evolution of the IPCA.

Specifically, the text of the agreement contemplates a fixed salary increase of 2%, to which another 0.5% would be added depending on the evolution of prices. If the sum of the variation in the IPCA for the years 2022-2024 exceeds the accumulated fixed remuneration increase for those same years (8%), that additional and consolidated remuneration increase of 0.5% will be applied, with effect from January 1 of 2024.

According to data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the 2022 IPCA was 5.5%, while that of 2023 ended at 3.3%, which is a total of 8.8%, which exceeds the limit established to apply that additional 0.5% increase. For this reason, the salary of civil servants would have to be raised by 2.5%, even without knowing the inflation data for 2024 as a whole.

PSOE and Sumar had already tried to advance the application of this salary increase planned for civil servants in 2024 without waiting for the presentation of the General Budget project, through an amendment in the parliamentary processing of the anti-crisis decree, including a salary increase of 2% with the option of half a point more.

However, as this decree has not yet been given the ‘green light’ in the Cortes Generales, and given the approval next Tuesday of the extension of some measures of the anti-crisis decree that were due to expire at the end of June, the Government would have decided, according to unions, approve the 2.5% salary increase in the Council of Minister.

“Although late, one more step is taken in compliance with the agreement,” the CCOO and UGT unions highlighted in a statement. However, and despite this progress, both union organizations continue working to comply with the agreement and negotiating the partial retirement of civil servant and statutory personnel, with the aim of closing the agreement before the summer.

Faced with a scenario of escalating prices, the salaries of public employees increased by 3.5% in 2022, while they rose another 3.5% in 2023 and will increase in 2024 by 2.5%, which represents an increase accumulated in three years of 9.5%.


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