Vice President of Argentina Cristina Fernández Kirchner
Photo: Playback/Reuters

Last March 1st, it was exactly six months since the assassination attempt on Cristina Fernández de Kirchner [CFK]. The failed attack took place on September 1, 2022.

CFK presided over Argentina for two terms, during the period from 2007 to 2015. Currently, it accumulates, constitutionally, the positions of Vice President of the Republic and President of the Senate.

Even though it is, therefore, a serious attack against an authority constituted by popular sovereignty – an attempt at magnicide, therefore – the country’s judiciary creates procedural difficulties and sabotages the investigation of the case to protect those involved, who are mostly linked to the around former president Maurício Macri.

There is plenty of evidence and evidence in this regard. Like that of deputy Gerardo Milman, from Macri’s party, who two days before the attack told friends that “when they kill her, I’ll be on the coast”. And, in fact, on the date of Cristina’s assassination attempt, the deputy was on the coast.

Despite this very suspicious “coincidence”, the judge in the case, Maria Eugênia Capuchetti, notorious for her ties to Macri’s Together for Change party, refuses to investigate this and other relevant leads.

Such as, for example, the association between Grupo Caputo, owned by a close friend of Macri, and the far-right sector of the Federal Revolution, founded by Jonathan Morel, to which one of the three criminals arrested for the attack belongs.

Morel is an extremely aggressive person, who often makes death threats and encourages violence and terror against the CFK itself and politicians and Kirchnerist militants.

Far-right leaders former President of Argentina Mauricio Macri and former President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro
Photo: Reproduction/Sérgio Lima

Due to corporatism, the Argentine federal court denied the CFK defense’s request to remove Judge Capuchetti, who continues to be involved in the case, committing a number of arbitrary acts and procedural irregularities.

While, on the one hand, the ruling party sabotages the investigation of the assassination attempt, on the other hand it accelerates the judicial farce to illegally condemn and arrest CFK in the farcical process for corruption.

Like the gang in Curitiba in Brazil, in Argentina the party togado wages a fierce and implacable fight against Kirchnerism. With the same political daring and the same gangster audacity of Lava Jato judges and prosecutors against Lula and the PT in Brazil. And in an articulated way with the hegemonic media, which distills hatred, propagates political violence and sentences Cristina and the progressive field of the country to death.

The greatest Argentine popular leader is treated with selectivity and a “special” rite, as in the lawfare against Lula.

Just like in Brazil, the judiciary in Argentina is also infiltrated by dangerous elements of the extreme right in the style of Sérgio Moro and Deltan Dallagnol.

They act in the same way: they use public offices for spurious purposes. They corrupt the justice system to materialize personal, financial, political and ideological goals.

Just as the gang in Curitiba unsuccessfully tried to banish Lula from history and national politics, Argentina’s party also acts to banish Cristina and Kirchnerism from the country’s political process.

Text originally published on Jeferson Miola’s Blog

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