Photo: Camp Plaza de Mayo.

It is Thursday in the morning continue fight day of the organizations that are part of the Picket Unit (UP) against the adjustment in the social area, applied by the national government and ordered by the IMF, with a mobilization towards the Ministry of Social Development.

The activities began last Wednesday with access and route cuts, in the metropolitan area and in different parts of the country, all under the slogan “Against adjustment, hunger and the IMF.” One of the central activities was the torchlight march that began in Pueyrredón Bridge and he went to the Plaza de Mayo where he set up the camp. They also demand: genuine work, the opening of the Potenciar Trabajo program and comprehensive assistance to soup kitchens.

Let us remember that the The Ministry of Development has been deregistering beneficiaries of Potenciar Trabajo. In addition, it does not deliver enough food to the kitchens, despite the increase in poverty and hunger, nor the tools for productive projects.

This new day of protest was announced last Tuesday at a press conference in which the word referents of the different organizations.

Mónica Sulle, from the MST-Teresa Vive, assured that “the march of the torches, and the camping have a very important significance: to denounce the hunger that exists in this town.” For his part, Eduardo Belliboni pointed out that “what we see every day in popular neighborhoods: unemployment grows, adjustment grows and hunger grows.”

From the Piquetera Unit they denounce that the adjustment has been hitting the popular sectors more, since the rise in food is already 30%. They point to the Frente de Todos but also to governments of different political colors, all aligned with the pact with the IMF.

A delegation of referents and members of the Movement of Classist Groups (MAC) and the PTS in the Left Front accompany the mobilization. Once again, and as in every day of protest, he is present to express solidarity and support for the fight against the adjustment towards the poorest and most precarious.


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