Myriam Bregman was interviewed by C5N this Friday, after the speech by Cristina Fernández at the Teatro Argentino de La Plata. During her speech, the vice president denounced neoliberalism, pointed to the IMF as a central problem and argued against the far-right leader, Javier Milei. The national deputy of the Left Front commented on her position.

“Some things particularly call my attention. because we drom the left we always said that the agreement with the Fund was inflationaryIt was recessive, which implied rate increases, and I had big debates with people who I saw applauding when CFK said the same thing”, Bregman pointed out, and highlighted the responsibility of Cristina Kirchner in validating the agreement with the IMF: “The consequences of the agreement are paid by the people. Having recognized that agreement, having validated it, having accepted it, an agreement that is void. And not just illegitimate, it’s illegal. And the consequences are foreseeable, they are what are happening today”.

When asked about the distance that the vice president took in her speech on the signing of the agreement, she pointed out: “This agreement is embodied in various laws, such as the Budget Law. In the speech there was a legitimization to the management of Sergio Massa and the economic plan that he is carrying out. Sergio Massa, when he sends the budget to the National Congress, explicitly states: ‘This budget cannot contradict what the Fund agreement was signed’, and that budget was voted by all the wings of the Frente de Todos”.

Regarding the mention that 5% of GDP goes to exemptions and benefits to the largest employers, he pointed out: “That also went through Congress and was also approved, in Deputies and in the Senate chaired by Cristina Kirchner”.

“Cristina Fernández takes a distance that she does not have – added the pre-candidate for president of the FIT – she is part of this government, and leads the Senate.” “It doesn’t seem to me that she can distance herself from what she recounted”, said and concluded: “One can agree on the complaints. But that later has an implementation through various laws that the Frente de Todos was approving.

Cristina Kirchner in La Plata

When asked about the referent of the extreme right, Javier Milei, she pointed out: “He is a puppet of economic power. He goes to Llao Llao, there it is not a lion, it is a cuddly bear“. On the economic plan proposed by the referent of La Libertad Avanza, he pointed out: “He wants to return to the old ideas that Cavallo and Menem implemented in Argentina, recharged. It is one thing to say it and another is to be able to do it. I trust the resistance and the struggle of the working class of this country. Cristina Fernández puts him in the ring as an opponent to subtract votes from Together for Change, but it is risky, they already did it with Macri, they choose him as an opponent and he ends up winning the elections.”

Asked about the young vote, Bregman pointed out: “With the rise of Milei in 2021, the left made its best choice, it has nothing to do with the fact that the left has decreased the rise of Milei. For me it is the other way around, the Frente de Todos said that I was going to confront the right, the right has never grown so much with this government”.

“On the one hand, the experience with macrismo is very fresh, which was terrible, and on the other hand, this government angered many of those who believed in it. Milei is built on that idea, with shouts, with her hair scrambled, to give an image of rebellion that is not such, Milei is the deepest of conservative ideas. This government said it was going to stop at the right and the right grew like never before, That disappointment that it produced, that anger, makes many young people angry and vote for someone who is presented outside, which he says has nothing to do with caste. Beyond that it is totally false.”

Javier Miley

The challenge we have from the left is not only reveal who is Mileibut to denounce that there is a great agreement with which it is possible to get out of this with adjustment, and it’s the other way around. We have already tried that recipe, to comply with the IMF we are here, to comply was the crisis of 89 of the Alfonsín government, to comply Argentina exploded in 2001. We must deeply question that agreement that is leading us to a critical social situation, which is not the same for everyone, the rich got richer”.

Myriam Bregman also explained the proposals of the left to overcome the crisis: “You don’t get out of this with more adjustment, but by fighting for the Reduction of the working dayto fight for genuine work for everyone, if the working hours were distributed, the people who have a job would not have to do overtime, others could have a job if the working hours were distributed, with decent work”.

“Today the decisions are made by the United States,” he launched, and stated: “We say no, that the foundations of this system must be questioned. Why isn’t there a Free and Sovereign Constituent Assembly where the structural bases of this country are discussed in depth? Everyone ruled here and we got to this situation. So it seems to me that we have to discuss deeply.”


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