The conspiracy theories that circulated around the murder of driver Daniel Barrientos, as a justification for a serious social crisis, are a manifestation of acute political disorientation. Editorial of “El Círculo Rojo”, a program from La Izquierda Diario that is broadcast on Thursdays from 10 pm to 12 midnight on Radio Con Vos, 89.9.

  • Las conspiracy theories that they try to explain historical facts or political events they have one long trajectory not only in Argentina but throughout the world. When a certain social mechanism if it gets dark again for the protagonists of a time or an event, when a absence of explanatory frames To situate what is happening, many times conspiracy theories based on a certain paranoia. writer and literary critic Ricardo Takes once said that novels Roberto Arlt (like Los siete locos) worked because they knew how to capture the “paranoid core” who resides in the state and ultimately in the can.
  • If one reads a book like The Stiuso code of the journalist Gerardo “Tato” Young— which is actually an expanded reissue of an earlier one that was titled Side: the secret Argentina—It seems that a large part of the relevant facts of the history of the last seventy years in the country are explained by conspiracies: from the ’89 looting until the resignation of Carlos “Chacho” Alvarez under the alliance Government, to take two such examples at random.
  • In fact, many radicals (starting by Fernando de la Rua) believe that the 2001 It was a grand conspiracy designed for him peronism to overthrow the Government of the Alliance and some even think that it was a conspiracy in which he was an active participant Raul Alfonsin.
  • And more peronists (starting by Hannibal Fernandez) were part of those who promoted a conspiracy hypothesis based on intelligence information who prepared the ground for the repression which took place in 2002 in it Pueyrredon Bridge and in the Avellaneda station in which they fell shot Maximiliano Kosteki and Dario Santillan.
  • Aníbal Fernández has a couple of those to his credit: in May 2011after derailment of a formation of Sarmiento railwaywas riot and burning from haedo station and Aníbal Fernández (chief of staff) accused Fernando “Pino” Solanas from the fact that for him it was “armed” and coincided with the launch of a movie de Pino regarding the issue, in addition to his application to Buenos Aires head of government. A short time later we had the crime of Eleven.
  • Well, in front of murder of Daniel Barrientosthe driver of the line 620 from Slaughter and before the protest that his companions of the UTA that ended with Sergio Berni beaten, they also began to circulate conspiracy theories. “This was not a simple robbery,” Berni said. And he stated that he found it very striking because no one steals with two vehicles of support a group, with weapons that are not usual for this type of crime, and with a ammunition that only use it professionals because it is also very expensive. Axel Kicillof added to this reading and said that the event had “weird” features because they were told by those who know how this type of crime works. Consistent with this, they ordered the arrest of colleagues of the murdered driver with a detachment used for special operations and today there were strikes in various bus lines in repudiation of these arrests.
  • Apart from the fact that several witnesses said that the events were not like that (for example, that there were no two cars), what would presumably “prove” the existence of something “strange” is that they had weapons and ammunition from “professionals” (we assume security forces). No, of course, because no one knows that the petty crime is intimately linked to big crime typed by the Police, which is the provider on many occasions of logistics, “instrumental” and released areas.
  • Bueno, beyond from political use what do you intend to do right about the facts, about the attempts to handling (we saw Patricia Bullrich immediately operate on people’s pain), the reality is that the events that took place after the death of Barrientos (including the pineapples against Berni) concentrated discomforts, sufferings and a social weariness for many things: inflation, poverty, precariousness, social and urban violence and it was also a message for the traditional politicsa sign of the social anger by unkept promises (That was essentially what they were demanding from Berni) A message in which they nested contradictions?, most likely, but the one you intend to find “pure” social or political processes to dedicate himself to something else. Mind you, this applies to everyone —as stated Raul Godoy leader of the PTS and ceramic worker in an interview here radio with you con Diego Genoud— works for everyone, including Javier Miley who wants to go to the bottom against the rights of workers and workers.
  • “Conspiracy theories” are a way of find security and confirm one’s prejudices. But what they do not think those who create them or those who wield them is a very elementary principle internal to the logic of conspiracies: so that conspiracies they work there has to be a stage that can be operated on.
  • The truth is that whoever thinks that the event and the protest took place in this way and with these characteristics due to “rare” elements, is very disconnected of reality or live in it politics disney. The reality is that if there is something strange” in all this is a traditional political leadership (subject to co-government with the IMF) which is increasingly strange at needs, feelings, anxieties and discomforts of the vast majority.

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