The Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard distrusts the explanation offered by the mayoress of Arroyomolinos, Ana Millán, in court regarding the cash entry of 42,650 euros between 2008 and 2017. In a recent report incorporated into the corruption case, the Agents point out that most of these funds (34,700 euros) ended up in Millán’s bank account while his partner, Juan Pedro Santos, worked as a janitor for a joint venture of companies in which businessman Francisco Roselló participated. The importance of this conclusion lies in the fact that it would question the statement, also made by the number 3 of the PP in Madrid in court, that their cash income came from the earnings in the “hotel industry” and “the world of the night” of the couple her.

The year 2008, when those 42,650 euros in cash began to enter, coincided with the year in which Ana Millán’s partner and her sister began working for Roselló. And also with the year in which the businessman rented a penthouse in the center of Arroyomolinos to Millán for almost double the market price, the Civil Guard highlights in its report, to which has had access.

The investigators found the cash payments while tracking the possible link between the rent payment and the awards made by the Department of Youth – which Millán then directed – to companies in Roselló, which amounted to 630,510.75 euros between 2006 and 2011.

The current deputy secretary of Organization of the PP in Madrid, very close to Isabel Díaz Ayuso, refused to testify before the UCO when she was summoned, although she did do so months later in court. There she explained that her partner works in hotels and the “world of the night” and that the money came from these activities, that she did not like to keep money in cash and that she preferred to deposit it in the bank.

Almost a year after the discovery of the income by the Civil Guard and after Millán’s statement in court, the agents reflect in a report that the true origin of these funds remains “unknown”.

“What is certain – the researchers add – is that the financial year in which the payments received by Ana Belén Millán from Neverland Events began [la empresa de Roselló que le alquiló el ático en Arroyomolinos]Juan Pedro Santos Ceballos of the UTE [pareja de Millán contratado por el empresario] and Beatriz Millán Arroyo from GE Urban Schools and GE Social Foundation [también contratada por Roselló]coincides with the beginning of the cash income investigated, a priori, of unknown origin, that is, in the year 2008”.

In four years, between January 3, 2008 and July 13, 2012, Ana Belén Millán received 44,462.67 euros from the Neverland company, owned by Roselló, as rent. On the other hand, four companies belonging to the same businessman were awarded, between 2006 and 2011, more than 660,915.21 euros in contracts from the Department of Youth, headed by Ana Millán, according to data obtained by the UCO from the Treasury. . When Millán changed his Department, the Arroyomolinos City Council stopped hiring Roselló, according to the Civil Guard.

Millán’s defense asked the court, unsuccessfully, that his statement in court not be made available to the Civil Guard agents, a claim that was rejected. Along with the amounts entered, Millán told the judge that they also came from a second rental home that he has in Alcobendas. “If one month my partner gave me 500 euros, I would deposit it; if he gave me another 300 month, I would enter it; If he needed money for other things, he would go to the account of the Alcobendas apartment, take it and take it there, ”Millán said in court and the agents reproduced in his report.

The couple and sister, hired by the employer

The Arroyo couple worked for the Roselló companies as a janitor at a school in El Álamo (Madrid) and as a “reception service monitor” in the same center between 2008 and 2011, while the businessman was awarded the departmental contracts directed by the current mayoress. “It is striking that the former councilor, on the other hand, did not allude during the statement to the hiring of her partner by the UTE of Francisco Vicente Roselló Baldó, especially considering that by that date they would already be living together (” Look, I’m going to live with my partner, he comes to live with me around 2007“)”, says the UCO report.

The new UCO report also dwells on the part of Ana Millán’s statement in which she assures that she never asked Roselló to employ her sister and her partner. The agents doubt that the mayoress did not participate in her partner’s job options when in a 2015 email, seized in the Arroyomolinos City Hall registry, Millán tells her: “Take a look before sending it in case you want to complement dates or anything else”. From this, the agents say, “it follows that Ana Belén Millán Arroyo would have the intention of sending Juan Pedro Santos’s CV to a third party, after having written it or helping her partner write it.”

The UCO has analyzed all the bank movements of Juan Pedro Santos and Ana Millán. The agents point out that the period of time in which Santos was employed by Roselló was when the most cash deposits were made in Millán’s accounts (34,700 euros between 2008 and 2010, both inclusive), despite the fact that she links these amounts to the activity in the hotel industry and the night of Juan Pedro Santos.

Regarding the penthouse rented by Millán to a Roselló company, the agents note that the mayoress said that the last payments were made directly by Joaquín G. S, the tenant –an employee of a Roselló company–, when the aforementioned Joaquín has declared three times before the Civil Guard to ensure that he only knew his boss and did not mention Millán at any time.

Last May, Ayuso formed a new Executive of the Madrid PP and included Ana Millán as Deputy Secretary of Organization and Territorial, despite having been charged for months now. Millán appears in all the pools to occupy a position in the regional Executive if Ayuso reissued his electoral victory next May.


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