The candidate for vice president for the PTS in the Front of the Left and the Workers Unit, Nicolás del Caño, participated in the programming of C5N some of his statements:

“The situation that we are experiencing today has very clear culprits. An agreement with the IMF was voted on and when we warned about its consequences, they accused us of seeking chaos.”

“Alberto filed a criminal complaint against Macri for the credit with the IMF, but when it was brought to Congress the two coalitions approved the agreement. You have to break with the fund and not pay a debt that is completely fraudulent.”

“Argentina had a trade surplus of 45 billion dollars with the Frente de Todos government, and the Central Bank has no dollars. There are many mechanisms by which big companies take the dollars.”

“A plan of struggle for all workers is necessary. The CGT met after 7 months, and did nothing to stop the wage decline. They have been complicit in the adjustment.”

“The agricultural dollar is to give more benefits to those who have the most, because supposedly this will improve the situation for those below. That has been shown to be not the case, the living conditions of the working majority have worsened.”

“Fundamental measures must be taken, the banking system cannot be in the hands of 10 large banks, it must be controlled by the workers to concentrate national savings, so that dollars do not escape.”

“Foreign trade cannot be managed by a group of grain and auto companies, it has to be controlled by the workers, to prevent foreign currency from escaping.”


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