President Lula and the President of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, and two former presidents, José Mujica and Julio Maria Sanguinetti. (Photo: reproduction)

Moises Mendes

This text, about the advance of the extreme right in Chile, is inspired by the photo above, taken at Lula’s inauguration in January. It is the image of an island that came to Brazil.

The photo brings together the president of Uruguay, Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, and two former presidents, José Mujica and Julio Maria Sanguinetti. It is as if the three Uruguayans formed links around Lula.

Sanguinetti was twice president of the center-left Colorado party.

Mujica was president for the Frente Ampla, from the left. And Lacalle Pou is president of the center-right Blanco, or Nacional, party.

Not in the photo, because he was never president, the leader of the Uruguayan extreme right, Guido Manini Rios. It is unlikely that he will ever appear in such a group.

This still image has a lot of information, but it doesn’t say it all. The photo only exists because, after greeting Lula, Mujica waves and calls Sanguinetti, who had passed by shortly before.

And Sanguinetti calls Lacalle Pou for the pose. And they all intertwine, with Lula taking the current Uruguayan president tightly by the hand.

No other similar scene took place, with leaders from other countries, during Lula’s inauguration. This photo would be impossible with politicians from other Latin nations, even if they tried to set the scene.

Only in Uruguay can the center, the right and the left appear in the same photo, while the right and center are swallowed up by the extreme right in Chile and Argentina, as they have already been swallowed up in Brazil.

The victory of fascism in the election of delegates to the new Chilean Constituent Assembly is the imponderable, proving that the extreme right is a lizard capable of rebuilding not only its tail, but its trunk and head.

You can say that President Gabriel Boric was defeated, depending on your point of view, due to the consequences of the radicalization of the movement that started in the streets of Santiago in October 2019.

Boric would have been buried by the Octoberism that contaminated the first Constituent Assembly, of 2021, and what could have been the new Constitution, rejected in a plebiscite last year.

But they can also say, as they’ve been saying, that Boric overextended his concessions to the center and to liberalism, and was lax in imposing leftist agendas. Today, he doesn’t really know what it is.

Mujica, Sanguinetti and Lacalle Pou know what they were and what they are. Lula tries to say that this time he will be what he wasn’t, more to the left, in the two previous terms, even if today concessions are made to an even more voracious and imposing right.

The inevitable is that the election in Paraguay, the Chilean Constituent Assembly and the October election in Argentina can prove what Brazil has already tragically experienced: the right and a center that disguised itself as the left in Chile really disappeared from the political map in region and surrendered to the extreme right.

The old center and right ran into the arms of José Antonio Kast, of the Republican Party, who had been defeated just a year and four months ago by the left, in the election of Boric, after having been massacred exactly two years ago in the choice of the Constituent Assembly. .

Center and right sought protection from extremism, as they had done in Brazil in 2018 and repeated in 2022.

It is likely that later Kast in Chile and Javier Milei in Argentina will try to represent in the region what Bolsonaro was unable to do because he was mediocre and because of an excess of fascism.

President Lula. (Photo: reproduction)

And Lula in the middle of all this? Lula must try to calibrate, with his powerful intuition, how to walk left and right without becoming a Boric.

There is no longer, placed in the center, a cheap and secure network of protection to the advance of the extreme right.

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