This Tuesday, The Supreme Court of Justice ruled to suspend the elections next Sunday in the provinces of Tucumán and San Juangiving rise to a precautionary measure presented by German Alfaror, candidate of Together for Change. The reason given has to do with how much Juan Manzur (Tucumán) as Sergio Unac (San Juan), are exceeded of “re-elections”.

Still, it’s about another meddling of the judiciaryin the middle of the electoral campaign and on the right to vote of millions of people, who plays in favor of the right-wing opposition. The Court does not rule on the substantive issue, and does not refer to the undemocratic system of “couplings”, an electoral mechanism similar to that of the “collectors” with which Together for Change won the elections in Jujuy last Sunday.

This was the reaction of the different political forces

Front of All

The national government came out to defend the Peronist governors and issued a statement from Casa Rosada, which was reinforced by the president Alberto Fernandez.

We are together with the governors Sergio Uñac and Juan Manzur in the face of this new outrage and we are going to accompany the provinces in their democratic claim. It is imperative that the Supreme Court of Justice stop meddling in the institutional framework of the Argentine provinces and let the people vote,” the statement said.

For his part, the President Fernández denounced that “the Supreme Court aligned itself today with the opposition to anticipate what was expected as possible triumphs of Peronismor in the provinces of San Juan and Tucumán next Sunday”.

What the Frente de Todos government neglects to denounce are the many anti-democratic mechanisms that govern the provinces. Faced with the system of couplings or collectors, and in the face of various fraudulent maneuvers: there is a joint endorsement of the peronismthe different forces of Together for Change and the libertarians of Ricardo Bussi in the case of Tucuman.

Without going any further, in the Jujuy elections, where the radicalismo of Gerardo Morales (current candidate for president for Together for Change), Peronism was complicit in a very confusing system that only benefits the traditional forces of the province: Morales (UCR) had 29 collectors and Rubén Rivarola (PJ) had 17.

Collectors in Jujuy election
Collectors in Jujuy election

In addition the fraudulent maneuvers in Jujuand they gave undemocratic scenarios, such as setting up a dark room just to vote for Peronism and radicalism, leaving the other political forces in other rooms: which violates the secrecy of the vote and confuses the electorate. The Left Front and the Unity Workers was the only force that denounced this.

Together for Change

The pre-candidates for president of Together for Change came out to celebrate the ruling of the Courtpromoted by a member of his own political coalition.

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta (PRO) tweeted: “The decision of the Court is the one that corresponds to a country that respects the law.”

He radical Facundo Manes also endorsed the meddling of the judiciarywith a tone similar to that of Larreta: “The transformation of the country is with strong institutions that show signs of firmness whoever wants to challenge them.”

Patricia Bullrich (PRO) had a much more triumphant tone. “We stopped the re-elections of Manzur and Uñac. They believe they are feudal lords and owners of their provinces,” he published on his social network.

Along with their festivities, this Tuesday a serious complaint against Bullrich emerged. Gerardo Milman’s former secretary revealed an alleged strategy set up from Patricia Bullrich’s office, to eliminate evidence related to the assassination attempt on Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

The demagogy of the right-wing opposition discourse is evident in the face of the fraudulent maneuvers that they endorse in the provinces governed by forces of the Together for Change coalition. Radicalism and the PRO have nothing to envy Peronism in terms of the “feudal” management of the provinces.

On the other hand, with this ruling favorable to Together for Change, the collusion of the judiciary with the right-wing opposition is once again in evidence, after the Escondido Lake scandal. Faced with a weakened national government – due to the weight of its own adjustment policies and in favor of the IMF – the privileged judicial caste seeks to enter the scene, exercising its arbitrary and anti-popular power.

Left Front of Workers Unity

In a statement, the Left rejected the Court’s arbitrary ruling that benefits the right-wing opposition, but also denounced the undemocratic regime of Peronism.

We fight because the one who resolves is a working peoplewomen and youth, not a group of three people that nobody elected” -published the Unity Left Front, which maintains that Justice is the most undemocratic of the powers of the Argentine capitalist regime. “A Supreme Court, which did not vote no one, resolves five days before the elections to suspend the elections,” he said in his statement.

Alejandra Arreguezcandidate in Tucumán for PTS in the FIT-U, echoed this complaint.
Against this feudal regime, we are going for a Free and Sovereign Constituent Assembly. Let us Tucuman workers be the ones to put an end to this feud. And turn around the province where half are poor and a handful of businessmen and powerful people have a free hand to super-exploit “-he posted on twitter.

In turn, he claimed that “Peronism now talks about defending ‘the democratic system’ in the province where 30 years ago they carried out all kinds of fraudwhich stay patterns, that are perpetuated in power election after election”.

For his part, the national deputy Nicolás del Caño denounced on his Twitter account “the scandalous ruling of the Court” while criticizing “the undemocratic systems of couplings in Tucumán and the Ley de Lemas in San Juan”.


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