I am fourth generation of agricultural producers“, said Edward Wado Of Peter, in March, during his speech before the large employers in the countryside, one of the sectors that most benefited from the Frente de Todos government. From the meeting at ExpoAgro, an uncomfortable photo circulated, which Cristina Kirchner condoned via twitter: Wado sitting at a banquet with the deputy director of La Nación and the chairman of the board of Grupo Clarín, among other big businessmen.

Wado is the owner of Dos Luceros SA, a company dedicated to the cultivation of soybeans, corn and cattle breeding.. It also has 25% of the shares in Ustare SA, dedicated to real estate services with rural goods. In total, the Minister of the Interior testified before the Anti-Corruption Office an estate of almost $47 million a year 2020: among which are two properties in the City of Buenos Aires and another two in the town of Mercedes, as well as a savings account in pesos and dollars. Is the second richest official in the cabinet of ministers of the Front of All.

This Monday, interviewed on the Multiverso Fantino program, Wado De Pedró affirmed that “if it’s my turn and they accompany me, I could be a candidate” for president.

“It is necessary to unite Peronism with the countryside again”, was one of the slogans launched by Minister De Pedro at ExpoAgro, surrounded by “oligarchs” and directors of “La Corpo”. An attempt by Kirchnerism to reconcile with sectors with which he played to face during the “won decade”. And a speech to please the establishment.

Another gesture of reconciliation From Pedro, it was last Monday, when he greeted the Argentine Army “for the commitment to the Homeland and the defense of sovereignty”; after having mentioned in an interview that he believed in “forgiveness”, referring to an anecdote where the daughter of one of the soldiers who murdered her mother apologized to him.

This attitude was repudiated by the daughter of the disappeared and Buenos Aires legislator for the FIT-U, Alexandrine Barry.

secret formula campaign

CFK with Kicillof, Máximo, Wado De Pedro and Sergio Massa
CFK with Kicillof, Máximo, Wado De Pedro and Sergio Massa

Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s act in Plaza de Mayo left a defense of the “lesser evil” where she justified the current government and its adjustment by saying that Macri’s “would have been worse.” And also a suggestive photograph in relation to the electoral assembly that has not yet been defined: Governor Axel Kicillof, Máximo Kirchner, Wado De Pedro and Minister Sergio Massa, smiling behind a Cristina who will no longer be a candidate.

Wado and Massa

At the two days, Wado and Massa did an act in Mercedes -where De Pedro has his agricultural activity- for the reopening of a tourist train, in the key of political campaign.

“Thank you, comrade Sergio” -he told him Road to the current Minister of Economy- “Our generation, with Sergio, with Axel (Kicillof)with all the comrades we are going to rethink Argentina”.

Y Massa He replied: “We shared many days with Wado, many mates. We also fought at some point, but we got together when we saw Argentina in danger and we began to rebuild the idea of ​​that great family that the Frente de Todos represents today, with their differences. , divergences and competitions”.

Sergio Massa and Eduardo Wado De Pedro in Mercedes
Sergio Massa and Eduardo Wado De Pedro in Mercedes

It is true that during the government of Mauricio Macri -which left an “Argentina in danger”, according to Massa-, social inequality increased. But “the great family” Frente de Todos continued this path, accumulating an income transfer of $71 million dollars, from the pockets of the working people to the country’s big businessmen.

And since Massa took office as Economy Minister, the economic adjustment policies at the service of the IMF have been deepened and the thirst for profit of the rural employers has been favored, with the so-called soybean dollar. Among other benefits for large extractivist employers or the knowledge economy, also voted in Congress in unity between the ruling party and the right-wing opposition.

Con Wado De Pedro, who is the son of the disappeared, Kirchnerism seeks to position a figure that seduces the most progressive sector of its electorate. And with Sergio Massathey try to please the groups of concentrated economic power, and the government of the United States that looks for a candidate of center right.

Road y Kicilof

Apparently, due to scheduling problems, Peter’s y Kicillof They couldn’t get their photo taken yet, after the CFK act, but they are expected to do so this week. This afternoon, they published on twitter that they had shared a meeting on water works in the province of Buenos Aires.

Axel Kicillof his re-election as governor in the province of Buenos Aires is at stake, as he expressed it in the reopening of Buenos Aires sessions in March of this year. But the letters are still kept, so they serve all kinds of speculation and political operations, about the possible national arming of Kirchnerism.

During the administration of Axel Kicillof, poverty in Greater Buenos Aires grew to 45%. Among the milestones of his management is the violent eviction of homeless women and children in the town of Guernica, carried out by the minister Sergio Berni and sweetened with false promises by the Buenos Aires minister Andres Cuervo Larroque.

Maximus and Massa

Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner in China
Sergio Massa and Máximo Kirchner in China

To complete the picture of May 25, Máximo Kirchner and Segio Massa traveled together to China, with an extractivist agenda to seek investment promises.

After having rejected the agreement with the IMF in Congress, Máximo Kirchner shows himself with whom he is carrying out the economic guidelines required by the Fund. This attitude of denouncing, but then accompanying, was also seen by the camporist deputies, from Patria Grande who, unanimously by the Frente de Todos, also voted for the adjustment Budget that he devised Sergio Massa with IMF supervision.

Peronist internal and formula rumors

Wado De Pedro, Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa
Wado De Pedro, Cristina Kirchner and Sergio Massa

This Tuesday, the journalist Melisa Molina published in the official newspaper Página 12, an alleged meeting of Kirchnerism where they would have advanced in defining their electoral formula. The information has the smell of an operation, since it was later denied by other sources of the Clarín newspaper: and there is still no public definition.

In his note, Molina writes that Edward “Wado” Of Peter he would go as a candidate for president; Axel Kicillof for his re-election in Buenos Aires; Sergio Massaas head of the list of Senators and maximum kirchenerin Deputies. To complete Wado’s formula, some governor of the provinces would go.

On the other hand, though Sergio Massa He has not yet made public his intention to be a candidate for president, he has been building an electoral campaign pose, which he has not been able to fully launch, partly also due to the disastrous results of his economic management, in terms of inflation and latent devaluation pressures. Although he expressed that he is against defining candidacies in the PASO: if you go, you want to be the only candidate.

Those who have already announced their candidacy for president and ask to compete in a PASO are Agustín Rossi y Daniel Scioli; in addition to Juan Grabois, who already said that if Wado shows up he will drop his candidacy. Both Rossi, Scioli and the minister Victoria Toulouse Peace, they seem to play within an official albertistista; although everything remains to be seen, with a view to the presentation of lists, around June 24.

Peronism has a very complicated electoral landscape, not because the right-wing opposition is a good competitor (the disaster of the Mauricio Macri government is still fresh in memory); but because the current management of the Frente De Todos, defrauded all its campaign promises and the situation for the working people and the popular majorities worsened even more.

Even more, Kirchnerism performs a very complicated juggling, speaking out against the adjustment of its own government, but promoting whoever carries it out after Martin Guzman. The famous political volume that Sergio Massa has, is also largely swelled by Kirchnerism in government.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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