The President of the Government has appeared before the parliamentary groups of the PSOE in Congress and the Senate to explain the reasons for the electoral advance and to harangue his party before the decisive electoral appointment of 23J. In a clear change of tone that further emphasizes the head-on clash with the right-wing bloc, Sánchez has defined the PP and Vox as disciples of Trumpism and has warned of the reactionary wave that could mark the future of Spain in the next decade.

“Does Ortega Smith despising a woman in a wheelchair who had been a victim of gender violence represent Spain? Does Ayuso, putting pots against climate change, look like Spain? Does Feijóo look like Spain rewarding young people with the best records with a suitcase so they can leave Galicia? Abascal demanding to end the right of women to abort? I believe that Spain is much better than all that”, said Sánchez to the applause of his deputies and senators.

Throughout his speech, the President of the Government has equated the background and forms of the PP and Vox, which he has referred to as the “extreme right and extreme right”, and has denounced the similarities of this way of doing politics with that of populism of Donald Trump or Bolsonaro.

“The storm and the lies that we are going to have to endure are going to be tremendous. They are going to try to tense up to unsuspected limits so that the arguments are not heard with the sole determination that we lower our arms and not mobilize the majority. It’s going to be a fierce campaign of insults, they’re going to invent atrocities. And it is not new, they are going to copy the methods of their North American masters”, he pointed out.

In a speech in which he outlined the strategic lines that marked his decision to bring up the elections and also the focus of the campaign that is to come, the Prime Minister warned that on July 23 “what Spain we want is being discussed. It is necessary to decide if we advance or regress. We define ourselves by a project of progress and the alternative to that are PP and Vox, which has made it clear that there is no distinction, ”he emphasized.

The socialist leader has also warned that “Spain is not immune to this reactionary current”, although he has emphasized that our country, unlike others, still has time to stop it. “We can stop it, for our and our daughters, for our elders. The PSOE must stop this reactionary current and we are going to win the elections”, he said with his deputies standing.

Pedro Sánchez has also included during his speech numerous gestures towards his party after the electoral debacle last Sunday, in which the PSOE left the vast majority of its institutional power. Also focused on short-circuiting any threat of internal revolt, the general secretary of the Socialists has argued his decision to advance the elections based on joint responsibility for that debacle.

“I made a decision thinking of you and your work because no leader who deserves to be can look the other way when their own have suffered such an unfair punishment”, said Sánchez, who has revealed that he made the decision with his “conscience”. . “I couldn’t continue as if nothing had happened,” he added.

“It hurts me to lose, but when it hurts me the most to lose is when the immediate consequences fall on people I love and admire. For all of them I had to assume the results of last Sunday, it was not difficult for me to be clear about it ”, he recounted.


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