Spain plans an audacious project to connect to Africa through a structure over the Strait of Gibraltar. The proposal to build a bridge or tunnel, valued at $25 billion, faces significant technical, political and financial challenges.

The Strait of Gibraltar, a channel just 13km at its narrowest point, is crucial for maritime traffic, with more than 100,000 ships transiting annually. A physical connection between the continents could stimulate trade and tourism, strengthening the global economy and symbolizing the union between Europe and Africa.

However, construction in the strait presents formidable obstacles. The depth of the water, up to 365 meters, and the powerful currents require complex engineering to build a robust and safe structure. Additionally, the area is prone to seismic activity, increasing the risks associated with the project.

The challenges extend to the political scene. Tense relations between Spain and Morocco complicate the cooperation needed to move forward with the project. The estimated cost of the work, which varies between 5 and 20 billion dollars, also requires a substantial financial commitment, possibly involving international investors.

Despite the obstacles, technological advances may, in the future, make it viable to carry out this transformative project, which promises to revolutionize connectivity between Europe and Africa.

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