The deputy of the Left Front, Nicolás del Caño, intervened in the Budget and Finance Commission in Deputies, but Espert did not like that the illegal arrests were reported during the Senate’s treatment of the Base Law and the repression of the protest. But Del Caño managed to prevail and continue his speech.

“Espert wants to silence us because he knows that this is a law born with corruption and repression. For the senators who sell positions around the world with salaries in dollars, for the working people who mobilize they send their police. He is not going to silence us” , said the left-wing deputy Nicolás del Caño on his networks.

On this Tuesday afternoon during the session of the Budget and Finance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, Del Caño denounced the savage repression of Wednesday, June 12, with more than 600 injured, and the illegal detention of more than 30 people, for the operation commanded by Patricia Bullrich in front of Congress, while the vote on the Bases Law and the fiscal package was taking place in the Senate. In a new provocation, the president of the Commission, José Luis Espert, once again silenced deputy Del Caño when he made this complaint.

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Despite Espert’s attempts to silence him, Del Caño was able to continue his corresponding intervention and stressed that the Bases law that returned to Senate Deputies must be declared null due to the exchange of personal appointments, favors and gifts that were behind his approval and that was made possible by scandalous situations of repression.

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