Pantera Capital apparently has Solana enthusiasts, because in a new “Blockchain Letter” they call the blockchain “the MacOS” of crypto.

In the letter, general partner Franklin Bi, portfolio manager Cosmo Jiang and investment analyst Eric Wallach write very positively about Solana. They also discuss the battle between Solana and Ethereum.

Battle between Solana and Ethereum

Pantera Capital recognizes the power of the Ethereum blockchain, which 70 to 80% of developers are said to be working on within the industry. Despite this, they also see Solana emerging as a worthy competitor for Ethereum. Especially about the past year.

“Ethereum’s dominance appears to be surrendering to the multipolar model. Solana managed to gain market share last year. That shift is reminiscent of Microsoft’s dominance in the early years of the computer market, until Apple broke through with its vertically integrated approach.

Solana is now the biggest competitor for the future of blockchain development,” said the experts at Pantera Capital.

Like Apple, Solana focuses on the user experience, rapid innovation and improved security, according to Pantera Capital.

Solana is superior to Ethereum and Cosmos

Furthermore, the folks at Pantera Capital claim that Solana is superior to Ethereum and Cosmos due to “architectural advantages.” According to them, this makes Solana the best network for applications such as content distribution, DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure networks) and CLOBs (central limit order books).

Furthermore, Solana’s fast blockchain makes it possible to create capital-efficient financial markets, such as the CLOB-based Phoenix and lending protocol MarginFi.

In a March research report, they also wrote that Solana is the Apple of crypto, by focusing on using the hardware to improve Web3 experiences. According to them, the network performance and the commitment to the community and the development of the ecosystem make Solana special.

Do you believe that Solana has a serious chance of one day overtaking Ethereum as the dominant platform for smart contracts?

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