Asked about her vision of the process that has been taking place in Jujuy around the unconstitutional reform voted for by radicalism and the Jujuy PJ, Bregman highlighted: “We have been talking and announcing that this was brewing in Jujuy. First in Jujuy there was a recovery of the Uatre Ledesma union, a very symbolic place. The teachers’ union was recovered. Jujuy comes from a very important process of organization struggles from below and I believe that the vote that the Left Front obtained, despite all the frauds that we denounced by Morales, also heralded that there was great discontent. We in the electoral campaign We said that we were going to oppose the reform, we said this reform is not going, this reform prohibits protest, attacks native communities, this reform is to advance the looting of lithium. And we got six conventional constituentsa high percentage of voting, much higher still in the city of San Salvador, then there was something that announced discontent”.

And continued: “Morales believed that he was agreeing with Peronism and that with that he had everything closed. Even during the constituent convention itself, a process of mobilizations began to take place, mainly teaching, where it began to unite with the salary claim. Jujuy has the lowest salaries in Argentina. A struggle from below for the wages and living conditions of the people of Jujuy with the reform begins to join, then this slogan of ‘below the reform, up the wages’ appears, where Morales manages to unify the whole world against him. The original communities are highly attacked by many articles of the reform that he proposes, but he also proposes something that is rarely said, but it is important: he proposed that whoever wins the governorship keep the automatic majority in the legislature and that the midterm election. He already has total control of Jujuy’s judiciary, he controls the government and he was going to automatically also have control of the legislature. Well, this manages to unite many sectors against him. What we, from the Left Front, do at the convention is ask that the original communities come to speak, they don’t let them and they curtail their right to speak. That the human rights organizations can speak, we have a letter from Pérez Esquivel, from Nora Cortiñas. They were unstoppable and this is reflected in that hug on the last day where the PJ and the radicals embrace and celebrate. A shame, a total disconnection with what was happening on the street.”

In response to this, he remarked: “Here there were no mistakes, nobody was wrong here, they celebrated what they had done. They have full control and I think there is the problem of lithium in the middle, clearly. Communities are denouncing it. I remembered today that when we tried to have the wetlands law discussed in Congress last year, it was stopped due to a letter sent by the Mining Chamber, the same one that is now asking for repression in Jujuy, because many of the lithium extraction sites are in the high Andean salt flats that are wetlands. So not only are they attacking communities, but they are attacking water reserves.”

At another time, he referred to the accusations and fake news launched by the Jujuy government: “Today Morales said that Nicolás del Caño had set the legislature on fire. They have to get those officials out of there and that the workers and workers have to govern, I can think of many other things for public buildings. What are we going to burn public buildings? It is the manual on the right that they have everything writtenThey believed that by agreeing among themselves they would advance and they did not count on the fact that in Jujuy there is a very deep process. “We lost our fear” is what they tell you the most on the streets of Jujuybecause wages can’t stand it anymore, because no one makes it to the end of the month, because it is a precariousness not only salary but also life”.

Consulted about the statements of the Jujuy Police chief, she assured: “It is outrageous. What do you think we are not going to show solidarity with the people of Jujuy? Know that we are going to continue accompanying, we carried out a mobilization yesterday, today there was another great mobilization in the city of Buenos Aires. Our demand is the other way around, that the union centrals use all the strength of the working class to surround Jujuy, because I believe that this reform has to fall. A reform that categorically prohibits the social protest. It should embarrass them, but it is this local impunity that makes them lose perspective. I think it is a reform that will fall sooner rather than later, firstly because it is highly questioned on the street and secondly because everything he says is illegal It has no foundation, he cannot prohibit social protest no matter how much Morales wants to and the PJ supports him. I think he already had a very close experience, Gustavo Sáenz, the governor of Salta, barely won a month ago, another political sign aligned with the Frente de Todos won and passed a law called anti-picketing. He went out teaching to the street and had to start backing down. Something is happening in that area, in the ‘lithium triangle’ as they say from the United States, who want no one to protest. They will not be able to do it because they are finding a working people that stands up, communities that defend their rights and our obligation, no matter how loud we have, is to accompany them. That’s why they chose us, because we did say what we were going to do in the electoral campaign with the reform. He did not say what he was going to do with the reform, we did.” And he added: “They try to cover up that the real illegality here was that there were unidentified trucks, we have photos of policemen even with their vests on and stones in their hands, policemen shooting with a tire. An operation truly outside of any protocol.”

The alliance between radicalism and Peronism is undoubtedly a central point for the approval of this unconstitutional reform. Faced with this, he stated: “When Morales says that he sells the Jujuy model to the outside, it is the model of also subordinating Peronism. We must never forget the phrase by Emilio Monzó when he presided over the Chamber of Deputies that he said ‘the governors dressed in yellow’ and passed the most infamous laws that are still in force, I believe that none were repealed. So here we go to a very deep discussion, because It is not a problem of the PJ of Jujuy what we are discussing, we are discussing what they are going to do with common natural goods, what they call natural resources because they consider that it is something totally plunderable, what they are going to do to comply with the IMF that always asks for cuts in health and education. We are in a deep discussion that is taking place within the framework of an electoral process where, as a result of the fact that the two great coalitions governed and failed, the candidates cannot agree and they cannot agree who the formula is.”

About the end, he assured: “When Morales removed some of the items as he withdrew his power to automatically control the legislature, He does it because the mobilizations begin in the street. It’s not that she does it because she reflected and realized that he was wrong. The power that this unit of workers, native communities and others has is very powerful. I was recently in an assembly where victims and relatives of gender violence and femicide participated, many cases from Jujuy. All the relatives, all the mothers who complained about their daughters, told you ‘if I don’t go out, if I don’t cut a road, in Jujuy I don’t have an answer.’ So when you are discussing prohibiting the protest and you give Morales that tool, you are seriously giving him the tool to control people’s lives. It is not an empty slogan, you are saying that the relatives of victims of gender violence, the relatives of victims of femicide, are not going to be able to claim. And they want to present it to you as a road problem!”

Finally, he referred to Espert’s tweet against the left, calling for the expulsion of the FITU deputies from Congress: “We were the third national force with the Left Front in the 2021 election, so it should have a little more respect for the millions who voted for us across the country. It seems to me that being an employee of Juntos por el Cambio leads him to make this type of blunder and, well, he should bring it up in Congress and we will debate who defends democratic liberties the most. That’s it, he’s an employee Together for the change, they gave him a little chair in there and he’s making this huge mess ”. That is the role they also gave him in Together for Change, playing a cowboy, as if they were missing. I think these are political discussions and that rejection and rejection has to be popular for characters like this.”


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