Guests on the show The one of you led by Edgardo Alfano and Marcelo Bonelli, the pre-candidates for list A “Unite and Strengthen the Left” of the Left Unity Front referred to the shocking crime of Morena Domínguez in Lanús.

“I am a mother and what Horacio Rodríguez Larreta says amazes me, he should find out what happens at the entrance and exit of the schools. Here Jorge Adaro is a teacher at Villa Soldati, many colleagues on our list are teachers. They speak obviously showing that it is a political leadership that is very far from reality,” Myriam Bregman began by pointing out. And she quickly remarked: “I want to start the other way around, showing solidarity with that family, sending our accompaniment to that family that is going through enormous pain and alerting that the situation to which they have brought the country is a critical, very critical situation. With Nicolás we were touring the whole country and one hears all the time stories of a very serious social situation. When I see the repressor Gerardo Morales here, I want to alert him to that, because the economic program adopted by the main coalitions, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Larreta, does not differ too much, it is a totally extractivist model, prioritizing the economy to collect dollars to pay the IMF with a scheme of low wages and some social assistance. They have led the country to this situation, the Monetary Fund in return asks them to lower salaries, cut pensions, and what do you think will happen to the social situation? The discussions they have are incredible, I hear that they are starting now with the legislative changes… since 2004 they have not stopped modifying the laws.”

In turn, Del Caño pointed out: “I think that in the first place we must account for this structural situation. First, the police are involved in many cases, sectors of the police are involved in the great crime, including liberated areas. First You have to see how this network is. Obviously, this also has to do with the fact that there is an impressive social degradation to which they have brought us. For many people, life is worthless in these conditions because there is no future, there is no future. If you don’t go to the structural conditions such as generation of genuine employment… when we go to Rosario they tell us many kids earn more money being a narco soldier than being metal workers. So you have to generate genuine employment, that’s why we say reduction of working hours job”.

And Bregman added: “Argentina today has the highest rate of the number of people arrested that it has ever had in its history and the laws have toughened them. Why didn’t they change the situation that they said they were going to improve with that? Don’t you It seems that it has something to do with the fact that they have plunged half the population into poverty? If the kids are bursting and their lives are worthless, why is the life of the other worth anything? They can continue to argue that they are going to to fix changing papers, but it is not like that. What Nicolás said about Rosario, where does the sale of drugs come from, the cocaine in Rosario? It comes from private ports. Nobody talks about the fact that the ports must be nationalized. We have many measures to discuss, what we do not agree with is demgogy”.

Finally, Jorge Adaro also referred to the situation: “I was listening to Larreta and they are two different cities. The city where the workers who have all this set of elements of insecurity live, which has a school that is generally the it contains, as happened today. It is very interesting to hear, for example, the testimony of the doctor who attended her, who said why an ambulance is late. It is late because, among other things, only one ambulance has a very extensive radius, and he spoke of the lack of doctors, of the lack of nurses due to salaries. In other words, what Myriam was saying about the brutal cuts in the education and health budgets are later seen in this type of situation. What the workers experience in the neighborhoods has no Absolutely nothing to do with Larreta’s proposal, more police do not solve the issue when precisely it is necessary to cut the complicity of the mafias with the security forces”.


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