The official was photographed on a luxury yacht in Marbella, accompanied by a model and among VIP gifts.

When a few days ago the painful poverty rates that hit the country (40.1%) became known, a product of years of adjustment by the governments of Mauricio Macri first, and then Peronism, both subject to the IMF plans, the province Buenos Aires was not exempt from that scenario, far from it. Quite the opposite: the poverty rates in Greater Buenos Aires are even much higher than the national average.

None of this seems to matter to Martín Insaurralde, Axel Kicillof’s Chief of Staff, who is currently the protagonist of a real scandal: he was photographed by the model Sofía Clerici, who was with him on a luxury yacht in Marbella, between luxuries and VIP gifts. Furthest away from the life of the vast majority as possible, in what is an ostentatious display of impunity for power.

In one of the recordings that were released this afternoon, Insaurralde appears smiling and blowing kisses to the camera, wearing an aviator-type hat, next to Clerici. The model also uploaded a photograph in which Kicillof’s Chief of Staff is seen serving drinks on the deck of a yacht off the coast of Marbella. In the same image she appears reflected in the boat’s mirror.

It is worth remembering that these events also occur in the context of the scandal of the Buenos Aires Legislature that laid bare the privileges of the entire political regime, when the Peronist leader from La Plata “Chocolate” Rigau showed part of the economic management in the provincial Chamber of Deputies. when he was arrested with 48 debit cards while withdrawing money.

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