On this Saturday night The resignation of Martín Insaurralde as Chief of Staff of Axel Kicillof was announced. The resignation came after the enormous rejection they unleashed the photos in which he is seen on a private yacht, in Marbellaon a trip, with a model.

In his resignation, Insaurralde stated: “As I do not want to be used to affect the political space in the electoral process, I presented my resignation today from the position of Chief of Staff of the Province.”

However, the problem is not the “use” that the opposition can make of the fact. Which generates enormous rejection It is the abysmal distance between the daily life of working people and this caste of political officials who work for the great economic power.

In a country where, as a result of adjustment, the level of consumption of the popular sectors falls sharply, a Axel Kicillof official travels to Europe and rides on a yacht whose Rental costs more than 11,000 euros (about US$12,000) per day.

The ostentation doesn’t end there.. In the images that circulated, you can see luxury objects that are very expensive: a Rolex Datejust 36 watch, which costs approximately US$18,000; a Louis Vuitton Alma wallet, valued at US$2,100; a Cartier Love bracelet, which costs around US$5,500; another purse, Chanel Heart Bag White Lambskin brand, which is estimated to be valued at US$7,500.

By way of comparison and to graph the impunity of these political leaders: the average salary in Argentina measured in dollars (at Cash Value with Settlement) is around US$500. A substantial portion of the working class itself is below that average, earning salaries that do not reach the value of the family basket or even the value with which poverty is measured.

One issue must be taken into account. The scandalous fact feeds the anti-political and anti-caste discourse of the right-wing opposition. Between the adjustment of Massa and the IMF and the impunity with which Insaurralde moves, they guarantee that he will substantially grow this discourse and the political variants that represent it.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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