When asked about the day of struggle for Ni Una Menos and those right-wing pre-candidates who trivialize the feminist struggle, Myriam Bregman stated “that is why we are here, as we have been since the first June 3 and we were in each of the mobilizations. It is difficult to think that someone like that can trivialize and minimize it when we listen to the mothers and fathers recently, the truth is some moving testimonies in the assembly of relatives and victims.

In turn, he pointed out that they were present from the group of Argentine Actresses with Thelma Fardín recounting the case of abuse he suffered. Regarding the testimonies of relatives, the national deputy of the Left Unity Front (PTS) that there were “cases that brought me up about something that is happening in the province of Jujuy. The mother of Iara Rueda, of Alejandra Nahir, other cases, and at this moment in Jujuy precisely a Constituent Convention where they want to prohibit the right to protest in the street “.

“When I listened to these moms, in addition to being moved to tears, the first thing that came to mind was, what if these moms can’t go out on the streets, what are they going to do?” Because all they say is that nobody listened to them, that they talk to the officials that they talk, nobody listens to them, ”she denounced, addressing the cases of the National Assembly of Relatives of Victims of Femicides, Transfemicides and Disappearances. To which she added: “Iara Rueda’s mother said that it took six days to start looking for her daughter. So the tool of going out into the streets, of mobilizing, of organizing ourselves, of embracing each other and going out to fight it is the only one we have”.

On the other hand, he referred to the slogan that they uphold every time they mobilize against sexist violence and femicides: the State is responsible. The current pre-candidate for president for the FIT-U, maintained that “of course, with state measures they are not going to end all femicides or gender violence that has to do with this patriarchal and capitalist system, but many of these cases acting fast listening to moms when they go to report could have had another ending. That is what we recently heard, all these cases had to go out into the streets so that they were known, so that they could open a criminal case”.

He pointed out that when relatives try to make complaints, the commissioners ask the mothers “how they raised their daughters, that still hasn’t changed.” The fight continues. “Something that gives me hope, because I talk a lot, I travel a lot to different places, different provinces and there is something that is happening that is very profound. All our mobilizations caused a change of consciousness that paid off, the girls are the ones who today argue with many of those boys who out there support candidates who deny femicides, who deny gender violence, ”she declared. He stating that he is talking about Milei, but also about “those who run the State, are part of the governments and do absolutely nothing” vindicating the girls who say that you cannot contribute to those who are against their rights.

Regarding the proposals of Javier Milei and Victoria Villarruel, he pointed out that “banning the ESI is outrageous, with all the limitations it has and entire provinces where it is not applied, governors who are enemies of the ESI, the churches oppose the application, where it has been possible to apply this law has allowed many children and adolescents to identify cases of sexual abuse”.

Finally, he assured that “we are talking about a profound gender violence extended against women, against children, against diversity and also about an economic violence that accompanies it.” Alluding to the cases that were denounced today, where practically in the majority “there is economic violence behind it, a lack of resources, a lack of access to different places to make the complaint. I think that in a framework of economic adjustment it is very important to point this out. When the national budget was discussed with Nicolás del Caño and with Alejandro Vilca we marked it, the Ministry of Women is one of the two ministries with the lowest budget, that is a political message”.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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