Surrounded by a handful of ministers, senior PSOE officials and heads of the list, Pedro Sánchez has officially inaugurated this Sunday the calendar of pre-campaign events for the general elections on July 23. In an act before 4,000 people in the Sevillian town of Dos Hermanas (a traditional socialist stronghold in which the PSOE managed to retain power on May 28), the Prime Minister warned those who consider him amortized that he will fight until the last day. “I have more strength than ever, more desire than ever to win the elections” he cried.

Feijóo will have to bear the Vox bullfighter and those who deny sexist violence


In an attempt to get the socialist militancy out of discouragement after the crash of 28M and among the bad omens of all the polls, Sánchez has launched an appeal to the progressive electorate to mobilize en masse on 23J. “If progressive Spain mobilizes and concentrates all its efforts and its votes in the PSOE, we will guarantee that Spain continues to grow for four more years and we will avoid the mess of suffering a government of Feijóo and Abascal”, he has also claimed in the key of useful vote .

The acting President of the Government, preceded by an always energetic María Jesús Montero who has equated the PP and Vox as two electoral brands of the same political project (“so much mounts, mounts so much”), has also influenced that message from his Minister of Treasury that equates the leader of the PP with that of the extreme right and places them at the head of a hypothetical right-wing coalition government.

“If you already know what they are going to do because they have voted against pension increases and a labor reform agreed with unions and employers,” he assured. And that is why he has defined the appointment of July 23 as transcendental for the future of the country: “They are not just another election, it is not a mere contest between political parties. We are deciding if Spain advances four more years or goes back four, five, ten or twenty years ago”.

After recalling the symbolism of Dos Hermanas in the PSOE’s trajectory as a party and in his own as general secretary, Sánchez has warned that he is not willing to throw in the towel no matter how contrary the wind blows. “We have not made this trip to stay here, I am not willing. Because young people do not deserve it, nor women nor those who need us the most, ”he insisted.

Face to face with Feijóo

The leader of the PSOE has returned to demand one more day from his opponent, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to accept the proposal for debates launched by the Socialists and which goes through a weekly face-to-face until the day of the appointment with the polls. “I have been summoning Mr. Feijóo for two weeks to debate with me and he makes excuses. But do you know why he doesn’t want to debate? Because he does not know how to explain his pacts with the extreme right, nor does he know how to explain that he does not have anyone in the economy or proposals, ”he criticized.

Sánchez has assured that, in his opinion, Feijóo “has been wrong” because electoral debates are fundamental in a democracy. “Anyone who does not want to debate does not deserve the trust of the citizens on July 23. Because he hides something, because he doesn’t want to show his face ”, he has made him ugly.

After once again highlighting the reformist agenda of his Executive and the economic results, the president has asked his militancy to show “the pride in everything that has been done” to demonstrate “to the world and to Europe that they are not stopping us and that we are going to stop the extreme right”.


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