The Government celebrates the data that was lower than March, but there is nothing to celebrate. Inflation remains at high levels, destroying purchasing power and the slowdown in the economy affects jobs. They are the consequences of the adjustment measures of Milei and Caputo that the IMF applauds. An emergency increase in salaries, pensions and social programs is urgent.

The April inflation was 8.8%, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) published this Tuesday by Indec and in the first four months of the year it has accumulated an increase of 65%. Thus, the accumulated figure for the last twelve months reached 289.4%.

The Government celebrates lower inflation than March, but the truth is that the price increase only returned to the levels of October last year (8.3%). The official policies themselves such as the devaluation, the increase in public service rates, the liberalization of rents and prepaid payments skyrocketed prices in the first months of the government (December and January).

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The Milei adjustment slowed the economy, industry and construction collapsed with loss of jobs, and the loss of wages due to inflation caused a drop in consumption. The shutdown of the economy, the flat exchange rate and the postponement of further increases in public services contributed to a lower price increase. But these increases will be made later and a new devaluation cannot be ruled out due to pressure from agricultural employers and the lack of fresh dollars from the IMF. That is, inflation may accelerate again. A new blow to the pockets of working people.

Measures such as a emergency increase for formal, informal, unemployed and retired workers and due to automatic updating against inflation, no one can earn less than what the basic basket costs.

To combat inflation, a different kind of program is required with measures such as nationalization of banking and foreign trade under workers’ management to attack the flight of capital and the remittances of profits from large companies abroad that weaken the national currency, and the sovereign ignorance of fraudulent debt.

The strike on May 9 was forceful despite the attitude of the union leaders. There is strength to fight and recover everything lost in these years. It is necessary for the CGT and the CTA to convene a new active general strike, with a great mobilization in Congress, in front of the treatment of the Bases Law and the fiscal package, which implies a new blow to the working class, and a plan of struggle until defeating the Milei government’s plan, rejecting the entire law and for the annulment of the mega-DNU and the Bullrich protocol. Only the general strike can defeat the overall plan.

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