Horacio Rodriguez Larreta defended this Tuesday morning the measure made official last Monday of separate the Buenos Aires ballot, through electronic voting, from the national one in the next elections. Decision that caused a nnew high voltage chapter within the PRO.

The Buenos Aires head of government, at a press conference, stated that “the unity of the PRO and Juntos por el Cambio is more guaranteed than ever” and when asked what his opinion was about the criticism he received from Mauricio Macri, who said that she was disappointed by Larreta’s decision, but also by Patricia Bullrich and Maria Eugenia Vidal, pointed out that “they have never listened to me, nor will they listen to me, criticizing another member of Together for Change. If there is a difference, We discussed it.”

larreta He also explained that with the chosen system “a value is implemented, a flag proposed by all the members of the PRO which is the single ballot, the most transparent way to vote because they end up hiding the ballot, the pointer, the sheet list. That is why I made the decision, I am totally convinced that it makes for transparency”.

But it must be said that behind Larreta’s decision is not the search for “transparency” but pure electoral speculation and the need to position itself as best it can within the fierce internal that the PRO. With this measure, Larreta puts a brake on the ambitions of Jorge Macri (Mauricio Macri’s candidate) and tries to improve the situation of Martín Lousteau, the radical candidate. As the PTS rightly denounced in the Front of the Left and the Workers, this is nothing more than “electoral manipulation.”

The Frente de Todos is also going through strong internships ahead of the next elections. While they fight at the heights, below the social crisis advances and causes the social unrest of the millions who live with their increasingly deteriorated income.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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