Friday night the so-called “Office of the President” announced that “since the month of April Argentine retirees will receive monthly increases according to the Consumer Price Index”. A lie (scam) which didn’t last long. More precisely until this Monday, when in the Official bulletin The Government published a new BOTTOM with which they actually modify the retirement formula without going through the treatment of a new law in the national Congress.

In the new decree, Javier Miley and his Minister of Economy Luis Caputo announce that the monthly readjustment according to inflation will only come into effect in July and, in turn, the increase that will occur in April (corresponding to March) will be “on account” of what is determined for June (according to the mobility law in force until today).

He BOTTOM explains that retirements and pensions will increase in April by 27,35 %which is the sum of a 12,5 % “compensation” for what was “lost” in January, when in reality inflation was 20,6 % that the government refused to give in full, plus a “mobility advance” of the 13,2 % due to February inflation, “corresponding to the month of June 2024.” In turn, in May an increase “on account” of June mobility will be granted, also based on the inflation of the previous two months, that is, that of March. And in June the difference will be applied due to current mobility, that is, discounting the increases on account.

In order to put together the scheme for the coming months, the BOTTOM extends for one more month (from June to July) the validity of the mobility formula that has been carried over from the government of Alberto Fernandez.

In turn, the decree does not include the $70 thousand bonus in the April increase (given in these months of 2024). And since it maintains the same total income ceiling in $ 204.445 to receive the bonus (as in March), the amounts allocated to that item are actually reducedsince that “extra” to be collected in April is reduced.

Regarding the “transition” from the application of the old formula (which is by law) to the new one (by decree), the Government will maintain the law promulgated by the Front of All. “To determine the mobility corresponding to the month of June 2024, the formula in force on the date of issuance of this document will be applicable,” says the BOTTOM.

This means that until June the monthly increases will be governed by the CPI, being equated in June with the current mobility, and only in July will the new “formula” decreed by mercy y Caputowhere increases will be applied according to inflation from two months ago. Of everything lost by retired men and women, more and more, the Government proposes to wipe the slate clean. Criminal.

The decree says that “in July 2024, the variation in the Consumer Price Index corresponding to May 2024 will be paid. In August, the variation corresponding to June will be paid, and so on,” explains the Government.

In turn the BOTTOM explicitly establishes that the increases stipulated for April and May (to be collected in May and June, respectively) will be “on account of mobility to be paid in June 2024” which, as said, will be calculated with the formula still in force.

Eugenio SeminoAdvocate for the Elderly, told the journalist Ismael Bermudez From the newspaper Clarion what “12.5% ​​is a consolation bonus, a cover, the ratification that salaries continue to be liquidated to ensure that the April, May and June readjustments continue to be ‘paid’ by retirees. “The humanitarian crisis in which retirees and pensioners are immersed is deepening, if it can be even more.”.

Today the minimum retirement is $ 134.445. In April the salary corresponding to March will be collected with an increase of the 27,35 %which will lead to retirement $ 171.215but there will be a reduction in the bonus (today $ 70.000) because the limit of $ 204.445 (same as in March) to be compensated with that arbitrarily given bonus. Whoever earns the minimum will no longer receive $70,000 as a bonus but $33,229. Brutal fit.

It is worth remembering that 5 of the 7 and a half million retirees and pensioners earn the minimum.

Behind the historical liquefaction of retirements that collapsed more than 20% in three months y more than 60% since 2015, mercy y Caputo They confirm that they will begin to tie the increases to inflation, thus guaranteeing that pension benefits remain at the bottom. Thus, what they could not pass with the Omnibus Law they intend to establish by decree without anyone complaining. We will have to redouble the struggle in the streets until these plans of hunger and misery are defeated.


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