In the afternoon the mobilization started from the Parque de la Memoria to end in Plaza Belgrano. Human rights organizations, social, union and political organizations gathered to remember the 30,000 detained-disappeared colleagues and demand justice. They also highlighted the repudiation of the judicial cases that fall on fighters against the Reform in the province or the case of the tweeters.

The block that adhered to the document of the Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting made up of human rights organizations, social organizations together with the parties of the Left Unity Front (PTS, PO, MST) demanded a general strike at the union centers and the struggles to face the adjustment of the Milei government and governors like Sadir.

Rural workers together with members of the Uatre-Ledesma board of directors remembered Julio “Penano” Centeno, a worker who died, during an exhausting day of work and heat, “an avoidable death,” which occurred weeks ago in a company that was a participant in the military coup and carried out a blackout in July 1976 where 400 people were kidnapped.

Upon arriving at the Plaza, the document of the Memory, Truth and Justice Meeting was read. By the way, the national deputy, Alejandro Vilca, who was part of the mobilization, referred to the important day of mobilization that took place throughout the country. “The best response to the government’s provocative video against the memory of the 30,000 detainees/disappeared and all those who continue to fight against impunity today because it was a state genocide,” he said.


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