This Saturday, February 11, at the Lanús Microstadium, the Partido Obrero held a plenary session, in which they proclaimed candidacies for the Unity Left Front and left some political proposals.

In response to this instance and in response to statements by PO leaders, the national leader of the PTS Christian Castillo declared, referring to the debates raised: “The Partido Obrero ratifies a movementist orientation where the construction of the revolutionary left is reduced to intervention in a movement vindictive as the piqueteros movement is, dissolving more and more the Partido Obrero in the Polo Obrero, which has led them to stop intervening in numerous fields of struggle.At the same time the main candidates that they propose, starting with the presidential formula, do not The traditional leaders of the Partido Obrero are not referents that emerged from that movement.The proposal that we have already criticized of a “popular movement with socialist banners” is the concretion of a truly “light” strategy for the left, with the working class disappearing as the subject leader and center of social emancipation”.

Likewise, Castillo added: “The overcoming of Peronism requires a left that fights the ruling class and its parties in all fields: unions, student centers, environmental struggles and for women’s rights and dissidents, the movement for human rights and the piquetero movement. A truly internationalist left that accompanies the struggles like now in Peru and France, promoting the construction of revolutionary organizations in different countries since the working class is one and without borders. A left that fights in the ideological field and that fights to coordinate all the sectors of the working class to face the adjustment of the IMF that they will try to deepen with the next government of whatever sign it may be.In all these fields thousands of militants and referents of the PTS intervene throughout the country”.

“On the other hand, we find it a bit laughable that they define us as electoralists when the determined intervention of the PTS, its militancy and referents in all the struggles is evident. Instead of a Meeting of all the sectors that are fighting as we proposed after the Sutna struggle, the PO proposes a congress to elect candidates with the aggravating circumstance that they propose to define the program with participants who do not necessarily agree with the perspective of class independence, anti-capitalist and revolutionary socialist, for a workers’ government that characterizes our Front since its foundation twelve years ago. This is the real discussion of strategy that we have within the FITU, beyond the discursive fireworks of the PO referents”, he completed.

Finally, Christian Castillo declared: “Unfortunately, we are seeing that the attacks that have been publicly launched against our party is the reiteration of a ritual to which the Partido Obrero has accustomed us prior to the closure of the electoral lists. ‘Usurpers’, ‘electoralists’ ´, ´Kirchneristas´ are some of the epithets that the PO routinely repeats. We call on them to reflect, not to use this type of method that diminishes the political debate and we reiterate our call to jointly promote a Meeting of all sectors in fight and the left to face the adjustment Regarding the FITU candidacies, as we have always done, we will try to reach the integration of common lists and if this is not possible there is always the possibility of using the PASO as a last resort, as our front has done on previous occasions”.


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