After several hours and seeing the scandal surrounding the violent episode this Thursday morning, when two drivers were arrested for assaulting Sergio Berni Last monday, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner came out to criticize police operation by social networks.

The vice president compares the murder of the bus driver line 620 with the attempt on his life, while criticizing how the treatment of the drivers arrested on the morning of this Thursday. But he said nothing about detention that continues up to now, in front of which his fellow workers they responded stopping the bus lines. Not a word about the request to release the drivers detainees, which hundreds of their companions have been carrying out.

Although the arrest warrant was from the Buenos Aires judge Luisa María Escrich, from the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, the operative was joint enter here city ​​police and the Buenos Aireswhile simultaneously the Ministry of Justice of the Province of Buenos Airesin charge of July Wine, promotes another cause. In other words, the brutal arrest of the drivers this morning would have been impossible without the encouragement of denunciations and the political endorsement of Sergio Berni and the Governor Axel Kicillof, who launched the persecution of the workers. Cristina Kirchner criticized the police operation as if Berni and Kicillof did not lead the Buenos Aires Police nor were they giving impetus to multiple prosecution court cases.

He repudiation to the violence unleashed against the workers was so widespread that they forced the Front of All and in particular to kirchnerism to recalculate their actions and try to detach themselves from the situation. No similar criticism received the Buenos Aires for their responsibility in the eviction and repression in Guernicanor for Facundo Castronor for Lolo Regueiro nor for many other cases.

However the coup who received Sergio Berni on Monday and the repercussion it had in the following days are symptoms of the huge discontent that grows in the population due to the consequences of the economic and social crisis. A situation that worsens the further the plans of adjustment who prepare the Front of All con Sergio Massa leading the way to meet the goals of the FMIbut also the accelerated adjustment and deepened that they propose Together for Change and Libertarians.


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