No, there is no desire to hide the name of the verifier/coordinator of the agreements reached by PSOE and Junts. Quite the opposite. It will be made public as soon as it is decided. And the decision will be adopted this Saturday between the parties in their first meeting, which will not necessarily be held in Geneva. has learned that the so-called verification mechanism, which will be present at this first meeting, tries to find alternatives to not meet in the Swiss city, although the destination has not yet been finalized. The objective is to avoid any parallels with peace process negotiations that were held in Geneva.

What is clear, negotiation sources say, is that “there is no desire to hide either the results of the meetings, of which minutes will be kept, nor the name of the person in charge of coordinating the work.” In fact, the name of the coordinator will come from among the members of that verification mechanism that was reflected in the political agreement between both parties.

“Every day has its desire and every decision has its reasons,” they say from the party of Pedro Sánchez’s Government, which this Thursday in an interview with TVE defended the figure of the verifier as necessary between two parties that do not fully understand each other.

The socialists completely reject the accusations of opacity, although they believe it is necessary to maintain discretion in the dialogue for the agreements to bear fruit. The meeting scheduled for this Saturday aims to agree on the methodology for future work both in terms of the functioning of the meetings and the number of committees that must be established and the frequency of the meetings.

In the aforementioned interview on public television, the President of the Government has also confirmed that in due course the name of the controversial verifier will be known, while admitting that it is an “exceptional mechanism” in a democracy.

“Based on the aspirations of Catalan society”

Sánchez has not confirmed whether this Saturday’s meeting between his emissaries and those of Carles Puigdemont will be held in Geneva, which confirms the information to which has had access about the alternatives that are being sought at this moment so that the meeting is not in the Swiss city.

In the agreement prior to the investiture, socialists and former convergents agreed in writing on “the negotiation methodology to provide the process of certainty with a support, verification and monitoring mechanism” that would develop the negotiation between the parties. “In that space,” the text added, “dissent will be negotiated, agreed upon and addressed, as well as any dysfunctions that arise in the development of the agreements.”

“The contents of the agreements to be negotiated based on the aspirations of Catalan society and the demands of its institutions, which in general terms are grouped into two large permanent areas: those of overcoming the deficits and limitations of self-government and the relating to the national recognition of Catalonia. In that sense and in the first negotiation meeting to be held this month of November,” stated the document that was made public.


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