The announcement was made by the journalist and economist himself through social networks. In 2019 he had been part of the campaign, and was a candidate, of José Luis Espert. He is one of the journalists who celebrated “Milei’s triumph and his” adjustment and chainsaw “plans against the people and the workers.

A new member of Javier Milei’s cabinet was filled. This is the appointment of Manuel Adorni as presidential spokesperson. Adorni himself confirmed it on social networks.

Who is Manuel Adorni?

  • He is an economist and journalist. Among the media in which he worked are: Infobae, Radio Rivadia, La Nación + and A24.
  • In 2029 he campaigned and was José Luis Espert’s candidate.
  • Once Milei was elected, he was one of the journalists who interviewed him at the Hotel Libertador.
  • He is known, as expected, for ideas and statements that are in line with the politics of La Liberta Avanza and he was one of the journalists who “celebrated” Milei’s victory and his “adjustment and chainsaw” plans against the people and Workers.

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  • Adorni and Milei in an interview at the Hotel Libertador.

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