As detailed in another note, this Monday Jujuy teachers’ unions go on strike for salary and against the constitutional reform proposed by the government of Gerardo Morales. This was decided on Saturday in a provincial assembly and congress by the Center for Middle and Higher Education Teachers (Cedems) and the Association of Provincial Educators (ADEP).

In turn, the Municipal Employees and Workers Union of Jujuy issued a statement this Monday morning in which it set its position on the reactionary constitutional reform that the radical government intends to impose, which includes reactionary setbacks in terms of democratic liberties, including a encroachment on the right to social protest.

Here is the full text of the SEOM statement.

SEOM strongly condemns the pro-government proposal for constitutional reform

Faced with the Constitutional Reform proposal presented by the government of Gerardo Morales, SEOM-Jujuy strongly condemns and expresses strong concern at the intention of subjugating the Democratic System of the Province and at the proposal to severely limit the Right to Protest and the Right to Petition.

The Government of Gerardo Morales intends to modify the Provincial Constitution of Jujuy in the following points:

1) Regulate and limit the Constitutional Law of demonstrations or protests of any kind: protests must be authorized by the Provincial State, if they are not, protesters will suffer confiscatory fines that will be applied expressly (summarising) on ​​their individual assets or on the patrimony of the organization or association that leads the respective claim. This intention is openly Unconstitutional.

2) Annul the mid-term legislative election: the Legislature and the Deliberative Councils of all the Municipalities of the province will be totally renewed every four years, this would eliminate the effect of balance or approval of a management, which has the election of mid-term by empowering the opposition in the event of a bad government or ratifies the course of a management in the case of a good government.

3) Grant the winner of the election for Governor, regardless of the percentage of votes, half plus one of the provincial deputies and of the conventional constituents of a future Constitutional Reform.

These last two issues will represent a huge loss of democratic quality, since it means the almost total elimination of the political opposition in the Democratic System of the Province, much worse than the issue of enabling re-reelection that Gerardo was initially criticized for. Morales, about which he made a public resignation, taking a holy water bath, which seen in the light of these new proposals, is a minor problem.

4) Give the Legislature the power to deprive of liberty, replacing the Judiciary, against any person who violates its authority. Unpublished situation, which enables a partial and abusive treatment by the legislative political power against the ambulatory freedom of any citizen, without a judge or prior trial.

The true intentions of the ruling party on the issue of Constitutional Reform remain more than evident. Likewise, it is worth noting that up to now, the Constituent Convention has developed in a very irregular way, due to the lack of sufficient publicity of the issues dealt with by the Commissions, due to censorship and attacks on Conventions not related to the ruling party, due to the introduction of modifications not properly advertised; due to the lack of technical advice on the issues that are dealt with (there is no participation of constitutional lawyers), which makes it easier for the only thing that is going to be effectively approved is what is proposed by the official majority.

In this order of things, the enormous incidence that the Executive Power will have on the rest of the public powers and on the control organisms of the Province is striking. All these proposals to become effective will be a very severe attack on Democracy and before which SEOM Jujuy will not remain immobile or demobilized.

When Authoritarianism wants to be law, rebellion will be justice.

Board of Directors of SEOM-Jujuy, June 5, 2023


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