The teachers of the Agrupación 9 de Abril, by means of a letter, sent the majority of the Cedems Board of Directors a proposal to call new assemblies to unify the teaching and the native communities that continue to fight. And thus respond forcefully to the divisive attempt of the Government, which came out this Sunday with threats to discount the days of unemployment to the teachers of Adep, who decided to continue with the measures of force.

Let us remember that on Saturday the Cedems assembly in a very even vote resolved by 240 votes to lift the strike against 214 who voted to continue it. From the Agrupación 9 de Abril they moved the proposal to continue with the strike for 48 hours, an issue that would allow the entire teaching base to be consulted -given the magnitude of a conflict that has been going on for three weeks-, and in particular, the original communities that they continue with the roadblocks demanding that the government withdraw its Reform of the Constitution.

The vote of the teachers of Adep this Sunday, who ratified in their Congress the rejection of parity, and the continuity of the roadblocks, show that there are forces to continue fighting for wages and against the Morales Reform and the P.J. As well as forces from which to respond to the threats to discount the days of unemployment.

Here we reproduce the letter

Compañeros and compañeras: we believe that the situation warrants an urgent meeting of the Board of Directors and a call to a new assembly where we can look for the mechanisms so that there is massive participation.

On the one hand, the Adep compañeras decided to continue the strike. That opens a new situation and it is our obligation to accompany them. The strike was imposed by the primary school teachers. Teaching unity is urgently needed. We should always be able to coordinate with them and now join their decision. The government now threatens them with discounts, an issue that we must repudiate.

At the same time, a question has been opened to the last assembly that we held between members of our union. Regardless of how it is expressed, it is a real fact. Hundreds of colleagues expressed that they could not be part of the assembly due to the distance and the cost of the trip. The truth is that we would be lifting a 3-week strike with the vote of 240 compañeros and compañeras who voted to accept the government’s proposal while 214 voted to continue the strike. As we expressed in the assembly, we believe that we should also have consulted the rest of the sectors with which we have been fighting to overturn the reform. You may not share the ways in which the questioning is expressed, but you should never ignore a questioning, but give it an answer.

For us, the answer should be what we propose: a new assembly where the presence of all is guaranteed (either buses are guaranteed or assemblies are held by locality and then the votes are added).

In those urgent assemblies that we propose, we will propose to resume the strike and consult with the rest of the sectors in struggle, starting with the original communities, the steps to follow, the strongest fighting measures that we can carry out while maintaining unity.


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