This Tuesday, Manuel Adorni, At a press conference he announced some of the measures that the government of Javier Miley. To justify the adjustment that will fall on the popular majorities, he warned about the risk of “hyperinflation” but stressed that “the Government’s decision is to avoid it.”

“We are heading towards hyperinflation and the decision is to avoid it. The inflation that we are going to avoid will surely be much more devastating than the hyperinflation of 1989 and 1990,” Adorni assured. Let us remember that in 1989 Argentina registered an annual inflation of 3,079.5% and in 1990 of 2,314%.

Furthermore, he indicated that “hyperinflation, by definition, is the absolute rejection of the currency and the spiralization of prices,” and assured that Argentina is “in the worst crisis in economic history.”

He once again stressed that “the situation is critical”, and that the Government receives “an Argentina with 45% poverty and 200% annualized inflation, with employment, salary and foreign trade problems.”

Adorni also announced the “suspension of the official guidelines” for the media for a period of one year. Although there are still not many clear definitions, the pattern is always a delicate issue in the relationship between governments and the major media. It will be necessary to see how they implement this measure: it is not clear if it will affect only the area of ​​the Presidency, or also the guidelines of the ministries and state companies. It must be taken into account that it is a measure that is taken at a time when the Government will begin to give bad news and attack its own voters with the shock adjustment that it promised during its inauguration.

Regarding the economy, the spokesperson stated that “in the next few hours”, “Measures will be taken to avoid the catastrophe,” and he pointed out that the details on the package of economic definitions will be announced this afternoon by the Minister of Economy, Luis Caputo, in a recorded message that will be broadcast at 5:00 p.m.

As Myriam Bregman argued, national representative for the PTS-FIT, the government exaggerates the figures of the economic crisis, “to justify enormous measures to attack the working people” and added that “they have to do with the need to show a catastrophic situation, not because the current one is good. But to exaggerate the figures to the limit and from there justify the enormous measures of attack on the working people that he plans to take.”

The deputy also stated what the prospects are so that this crisis does not continue to be paid by the popular sectors: “We are going to be fierce opponents of this government” and assured that “they will have to respect the right to protest” and that the only way to guarantee the right and show mass “as women did.”


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