Myriam Bregman is a candidate for president for the Left and Workers Front in the 2023 elections

Next Sunday, October 8, the second presidential debate will take place at the UBA Faculty of Law, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. The candidates for president will participate: Myriam Bregman (Left Front), Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza), Sergio Massa (Unión por la Patria), Patricia Bullrich (Together for Change) and Juan Schiaretti (We do for Our Country).

On this occasion, the candidates must address the electorate to present their ideas and exchange with their opponents about different proposals on how to run the country. On October 8, the topics to be discussed will be: Security, Work and Production, and Human Development, Housing and Environmental Protection.

Myriam Bregman was one of the candidates who aroused the most interest after the first presidential debate on October 1 in Santiago del Estero. The FIT leader was the most forceful when it came to denouncing the ongoing adjustment of the IMF and making evident the submission of the other candidates to economic power.

Myriam Bregman with her formula mate, Nicolás del Caño

Looking ahead to the second presidential debate, we review the proposals of the Left Front on Work, salary, working hours and more.

What does Myriam Bregman propose about work, salaries and the reduction of working hours?

Myriam Bregman and the FIT emphasize the need for there to beto work with rights for all. Today millions work exhausting days to make ends meet while another part is unemployed or makes do with social plans or odd jobs. Flexibility increases and new jobs are precarious. To give an example, today 6 million people work more than 45 hours a week; 60% have precarious jobs (informal, monotax, junk contracts) while there are 10 million people with unstable underemployment (changas or employment programs) and there are 1.5 million unemployed.

For this reason, Myriam Bregman and the Left Front propose:

  • Reduce the work day to 6 hours, 5 days a weekwithout flexibility or salary reduction and with a salary that at least covers the family basket

Unlike other projects on Reduction of the working daythe Left Front proposes distribute the hours of work generated by this reduction in the working day, between employed, informal and unemployed, to generate work with rights for everyone. And that it be without salary reduction or flexibility. If it is applied in the main 12 thousand companies, more than a million new jobs would be generated for those who work without rights.

  • National public works plan to solve social needs (housing, schools, services) and generate employment under agreement.

The proposal contemplates that this national public works plan be controlled by workers and neighbors, so that everyone can work, but also have more free time to study, rest, spend time with family and friends, and organize for our rights.

  • Emergency increase in salaries, pensions and social programs. That no one earns less than what a family basket costs.

Every time you have to work harder to make ends meet. Purchasing power does not stop falling. The ATE Internal Board of Indec calculated it at 363 thousand pesos for July. But not everyone loses. Since the IMF returned, with Macri and the Frente de Todos, 87.8 billion dollars were transferred from salaries to business profits (2018-2022). In figures, 70% of workers do not cover the Indec family basket; The real salary of those working informally has fallen by 25% in the last 4 years; pensions lost 30% purchasing power since 2019; 19 million live in poverty and 6 out of every 10 children and adolescents are poor.

  • No to labor fraud in its different modalities. Move to a permanent plant and under contract agreement, outsourced, informal, monotributistas.
  • Support for all the claims of the Piquetera Unit and social organizations.
  • Cancellation of the pension reform. For the 82% mobile for retirees.

In this Instagram video, you can see Myriam Bregman explaining his proposals on Labor in the National Congress:

Who is Myriam Bregman?

Myriam Bregman is a lawyer and member of the Workers Party for Socialism. (PTS). At the moment. She is a national representative for CABA, elected in 2021, and a candidate for president of the Left Front in the 2023 elections.

She is founder of the Center of Professionals for Human Rights (Ce.Pro.DH), and It is a reference for the fights against repression and impunity of yesterday and today.

He is also part of the group Pan y Rosas and reference of the women’s movement. She accompanied the process of recovered factories that began in 2001 and in the trials against humanity she was Julio López’s lawyer. From a very young age she embraced the ideas of socialism, convinced that we deserve a future where the priorities of the vast majority are ahead of a privileged few who decide and govern at the expense of working people. A future without exploitation or oppression.


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