The petition states that “we demand the immediate and unrestricted freedom of all those detained on the occasion of the massive mobilization last Wednesday, June 12, against the sanction of the so-called ‘Bases Law’, exercising their democratic and constitutional right to protest. ” Let us remember that the majority of the arrests occurred more than ten blocks from Plaza Congreso, at a time when people were dispersing after receiving a barrage of tear gas and rubber bullets from the federal forces and the government of the City of Buenos Aires. Furthermore, it is reported that “people deprived of their liberty have received ill-treatment during their detention.”

The solidarity with this claim is enormous and transcends even internationally. The signatures follow one another without interruption, that is why we point out some of the first names, while accessions continue to arrive.

  • Marta Ungaro, Relatives of Former Detainees-Disappeared
  • Julieta Bandirali, Association of Lawyers of Buenos Aires
  • Alejandro Pugliese, National current of historical militancy
  • Patricia Barone, Organized Musicians
  • Agustina Dominguez, Collective of filmmakers
  • Leonel Tribilsi, La Poderosa
  • Alejandro Wall, journalist
  • Adriana Meyer, journalist
  • Anuka Fuks, LatFem
  • Daniela Atencio, FOL
  • David Morera Herrera, Sectional Workers Union National University School of Economic and Social Planning (Costa Rica)
  • Diego Pietrafesa, journalist, SiPreBA delegate
  • Eduardo Grüner, Socialist Intellectual Assembly
  • Eliana Uran, Mama Cultiva – Argentina
  • Gerardo Caviglia, Team of lawyers for the complaint against crimes of the Franco regime
  • Graciela Estévez, National Coordinating Committee of Retiree and Pensioner Organizations of the Argentine Republic
  • Guillermo Pajoni, Association of labor lawyers
  • Ikki Goldin, Judíes por Palestine
  • José Gabriel Chocobar, Libres del Sur
  • Lucía Fariña, Vesuvius and Bridge 12 Commission
  • Luis Brunetto, Workers’ Party
  • Malena Arias, Young People for Memory
  • Nicolás Villalobos Slepoy, Argentine Movement of Self-Convened Independent Photographers
  • Claudia Korol, Scarves in Rebeldía
  • Noelia Saavedra, Evita Movement
  • María Rojas, Lesbians self-summoned by Barracas
  • Agustín Romero, United Left (Spain)
  • Soledad Alonso, Deputy of the Province of Buenos Aires, Union of Workers of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES)
  • Ana Schoo, Health, Gender and Rights Network
  • Ana Zanotti, Argentine Network of Documentalists
  • Andrea Ledesma, Frente Patria Grande
  • Ayelén Frechero, We Vote Fight
  • Bruno Fusaro, ATE Delegate
  • Carlos Melián, Delegate of the Argentine Molinera Workers Union
  • Cecilia Bari, General Secretary ATRANA – National Radio Workers Association
  • Cecilia Valerga, SERPAJ
  • Dayana Bruchmann, Collective Apostasy Córdoba
  • Ernesto Lamtzev, Tandil Resiste
  • Estefanía Pereira, Secasfpi
  • Evangelina Sánchez, La Poderosa
  • Fabiola Salerno, APDH Chubut – Northwest Regional
  • Federico Bertalot, Marabunta
  • Ivana Castro, National Campaign for the Right to Abortion
  • Julieta Pignanelli, Frente Renovador, CABA
  • Yolanda Barragán, Movement for a Free People
  • Yanina González, Web Counterhegemony
  • Yamila Corín, Mundanas feminist association
  • Victoria Palacios, Paco Urondo Agency
  • Verónica Santucho, Patria Grande Front
  • Tatiana Gamboa, Costa Rican Solidarity Movement with Palestine
  • Soledad Morello, Transfeminist Fury
  • Soledad Díaz, Protective Mothers

They adhere teachers unions ADEMYS, AMSAFE, AGD; las self-convened neighborhood assemblies of Agronomy, Almagro, Berazategui, Avellaneda, Boedo, Claypole, Mercedes, Lanús, Lomas de Zamora, Quilmes, Balvanera, Agronomy, Laferrere, Bajo Flores, Parque Patricios, Caballito, Colegiales, Córdoba and Pueyrredón, Las Heras, Parque Avellaneda, Agronomy , Almagro, Quilmes, Barracas, Cañuelas, Flores, Floresta, La Paternal, Quinta de Olivos, Padua, Parque Patricios, Saavedra, San Cristóbal, Montserrat, Constitución, San Martín, San Telmo, Scalabrini Ortiz y Corrientes, Morón, Ciudad Evita, Ezeiza, Ituzaingó, Asociación Isleña, Parque Chacabuco, José C Paz, Tres de Febrero and others.


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