“He deserves that we spit on him in the street, that people tell him ‘you are more of a jet than the jets’.” The phrase belongs to Carlos Eguía, Milei’s former candidate in Neuquén, and points against the leader of La Libertad Avanza. The journalist, who headed the ticket for governor that the Liberals presented in the April elections, has just published a strong editorial in which he recounts the behind-the-scenes of that election and what followed in the following days, with accusations of accommodations and requests charges for friends on the lists.


Eguía’s statements were given this Thursday, in the radio program that he conducts on Cadena Uno and Rivadavia Neuquén. “Milei’s lie” was the title she chose to start talking and airing the inmates of the space, a few days after a new electoral failure like that of Ricardo Bussi in Tucumán. “I want them to know that he is a crap person, both he and his environment,” began Eguía and criticized that Milei tried to detach herself from the embarrassing choice made by the son of the ex-genocidegetting barely 3% of the votes and remaining very far from the expectations that they sought to generate. “To get unstuck, she said ‘did you see my face on the ballot?’ You can’t be such a jerk, Javier. In addition to being a liar, hypocrite and false, you are a jerk,” Eguía pointed out, questioning the libertarian’s statements the night before on TN, when he wanted to avoid being associated with a new electoral disappointment.

And he continued: “Last week you said ‘it’s going to be the first great battle.’ Shit? Yeah shit. To Milei we’re all shit and he’s the special caste.” Apart from Eguía’s racist comment, the journalist and former candidate listed the different examples of elections where the Liberals failed to live up to the supposed sweeping phenomenon they want to sell, which is something important to keep in mind. Faced with this reality, the economist’s modus operandi was always the same: detach from failure.

Carlos Eguía with Javier Milei, when they were still allies
Carlos Eguía with Javier Milei, when they were still allies

Eguía continued his editorial and recounted behind the scenes of Milei’s various visits to the south of the country, where he assured that “you always have to lend him a car, you have to give him everything, because if not, he makes a face” and pointed out that the money for all these activities it had not left its structure, but everything had been provided by the people of the province. But at one point, he pointed to the heart of Milei’s speech and hers, assuring that after the April election they had asked him for positions in the provincial legislature: “They asked me for the best positionsthere were already two or three or as many as I could get. Imagine, I told them that I don’t even know how much a provincial legislator earns and they replied that they do know, that he earns between 600,000 and 700,000 pesos. I asked them if these people were from Neuquén or if they were going to work, and they said no.” And he finished: “He talks about the charges, about the caste, he says that Argentina does not get ahead because of the political jets, the first jet is him. The first thing they did 20 days after the elections was to call me to ask me for positions in the Neuquén Legislature. That’s Milei, a liar who talks about caste and is more chaste than caste”.

The complaint of the ex-candidate from Neuquén not the first nor the only of this style that has the assembly of Milei in the provinces. Perhaps the best known was the public denunciation made by Mila Zurbriggen, leader of the group “La Generación Libertaria”, who months ago assured that candidacies were exchanged in the space in exchange for financing and also referred to accommodations in the lists. The case ended with a complaint “for digital harassment” and a request for custody, after claiming to have received threats. Agustín Pérez, vice president of that same group, had claimed to feel “cheated” and stated that “democracy does not apply in the party”.

The new public complaint, now by Carlos Eguía, once again uncovers the handling of the space that Javier Milei types at will, along with his sister Karina Milei and his campaign owner, Carlos Kikuchi. A true scam of the liberal who rants for the television cameras against “the political caste”, behind closed doors is handled in the same way.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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