This Wednesday marks the first month of the new Government. In this video we share five keys to understand what is happening, who benefits from its measures and some proposals to confront it.

1. Milei lied, promising that the caste would pay for the adjustment

But as was predictable, that story lasted until he won the elections. What came next? An adjustment shock: brutal devaluation, price liberalization, fiscal adjustment, and announcement of more tariffs.

What was the result so far? In 30 days, an inflation of 30%, thousands of layoffs in the State and a poverty rate that is estimated to be reaching 60%.

Did we all lose? No, I’ll tell you right away who is winning a lot.

2. Now there is another verse, which is that “there is light at the end of the road”

We would have to continue holding on because later we will be fine. But the truth is that the measures they took in these 30 days aim to turn the country in favor of the powerful and now they want to convince us that by deregulating the economy so that the market can do whatever it wants with our lives, with rents, with the prices of everything, privatizing everything they can, taking away more rights from workers, attacking social protest, destroying pensions even more, defunding education and health, increasing looting and destruction of the environment… it is going to favor the majorities. But the truth is all these measures aim to turn the country in favor of the powerful.

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3. The third great verse: long live Freedom, damn it

So much so that they filled their mouths, now it turns out that Milei wants to rule like a king. I’m not exaggerating. With the Decree of Necessity and Urgency with which they want to make all these changes, they seek to bypass the National Congress. That is not only illegitimate, but it is also illegal. And with the Omnibus Law the Government asks Congress for “delegated powers”, which translated is almost the same as closing it. They also go so far as to propose that a meeting of 3 or more people on the street be considered a non-excusable crime.

Oh, and if you don’t like it, that’s what Bullrich is for with its protocol to repress us. Long live the monarchy, damn it! Oh no.

4. Fourth: “there is no money”

They repeat it all the time, but it is totally false that “there is no money.” Do you know who has it and continues to earn while we get poorer? The food companies that raise prices every day, the privatized companies that raise rates, the oil companies, the banks, the cereal companies, the large landowners.

They also came from the IMF to guarantee that this adjustment plan is to pay the illegal debt. For them there is money.

There is silver: We should pass the chainsaw to them.

As Myriam Bregman said: “Milei is a cuddly kitten of economic power”

5. But there is a good thing and that is that the resistance did not wait long.

On December 20, we took to the streets from the left alongside combative unionism and opposition social movements, despite Bullrich’s threats of repression.

That same night the cacerolazos began, which were repeated the following days. Popular assemblies began to form in different neighborhoods.

There is so much discontent that even the CGT had to activate those who did not lift a finger in the last 4 years despite the fact that the adjustment of Alberto, Massa and Cristina left poverty at 45%. Now they are calling for a national strike with mobilization for January 24. And despite the bureaucrats, it is an opportunity for the enormous social force of the working class to be felt against these plans.

The left is fighting in Congress with its deputies, and also organizing together with the combative sectors to participate in an independent bloc in that day’s march. It is important that the strike be forceful and for that we have to take it into our hands and organize ourselves from below in assemblies in each workplace and in each neighborhood, without any trust in the leadership of the CGT and the CTA or in deputies willing to surrender. in the thread, and also to demand that after the 24th they continue with a fight plan until the DNU and all the laws and adjustment measures are overturned.

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