They have just given great news and joy: Mara, the young woman from Villa 31 in the City of Buenos Aires who had been missing for 48 hours, appeared, thanks to the mobilization of her families, friends, neighbors and the strength of her mother..

From early this Thursday morning there was a concentration at the doors of the Prosecutor’s Office, after having suffered intimidation from the police last night when they made a cut in Retiro to make the situation visible.

“Thanks to that cut, it spread and a person identified it on the street and called 911,” Andrea D’atri said through her networks..

The response today was thanks to the mobilization in the streets, to the strength of their parents to keep going, to the unconditional accompaniment of family, friends and neighbors, spreading the word, mobilizing and cutting the entry and exit artery of the most important bus terminal in the City of Buenos Aires. That determination of organization, solidarity and struggle made Mara appear. And not the response of the institutions, such as the ministries of the City and Nation, sending the police who only took care of setting up a repressive apparatus to dissuade the cut, but they did not back down from the repressive deployment.

When Mara was still missing

Among those who accompanied were Andrea D’atri and Patricio del Corro, leaders and candidates of the PTS, in the Left Unity Front for the City of Buenos Aires. Also the journalist Adriana Meyer among others.

On Wednesday night, the family reported that They had not approached the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, nor the national, nor the City of Buenos Aires. There were no answers, nor were they looking for her. For this reason, the pressure of the mobilization and the cut were key to the appearance of Mara.

“We are going to cut again and claim if they do not give us an answer or tell us where my daughter is. Last night we were freezing to death and the prosecutor’s office sent us 200 troops to repress,” Mara’s mother said today.


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