Antonio Aracre returned to talk. The chief of advisors to the Presidency spoke this Monday of creating a new tax. He did it in the framework of an interview with the newspaper The nation. The argument was the financing of various public policies. Weeks ago, he barely knew about his appointment and even before formally taking office, he had already aroused controversy and criticism when defended the need for a labor reform.

He former CEO of the company Syngenta pointed out that “if you think that there is a right that cannot be appealed, that you have to give it, because you cannot deny health or retirement to a certain group of people, then the discussion is not whether I can pay for it or not, but How do I finance that right? And sometimes there is no other option than to do it through a tax. This does not mean that spending cannot be made more efficient and cut those things that are not productive or necessary, but let’s agree that there is also a limit to that, because there is a very large proportion of public spending that is related to the salaries of retirees. , the teachers, the police, the Armed Forces, the doctors”.

The speech apparently has a “progressive” tone. However, Aracre talks as if a grueling adjustment is not being executed based on the agreement signed with the IMF. This adjustment, carried out by the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, has the endorsement of all the wings of the Frente de Todos.

He kirchnerism, for example, still speaks retrospectively against the agreement signed with the IMF. However, does not denounce the measures carried out by Massawhich are implying strong cuts in various social areas.

The official’s words They have already aroused the rejection of the bosses’ opposition who, with quick reflexes, came out to question Aracre’s statements. However, the Together for Change is also demagogy. His criticism of Frente de Todos is for not applying an even harsher adjustment.


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