During the evening of this Tuesday, La Izquierda Diario suffered a computer attack that lasted around three hours. That is why perhaps some of our readers have experienced inconveniences accessing our site, as well as difficulty loading new notes and content.

As the La Izquierda Diario development team quickly detected, it was a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, which consists of an attempt to interrupt the normal traffic of a server, service or network, overloading the target or its infrastructure associated with an artificially generated avalanche of traffic. In this case, we are talking about millions of false visits to bring down our site.

Beyond the technical aspects, this denotes that it was an organized attack against La Izquierda Diario, which first affected LID-Chile and then, much more strongly, LID-Argentina, which seemed to be the main objective.

Due to the characteristics of the attack, it is very difficult to determine where the perpetrators come from. But we are not surprised either: La Izquierda Diario is and will continue to be an unwavering voice in support of the Palestinian people against the genocide, a voice against imperialism and colonialism in the world, against the extreme right and capitalist governments of all latitudes. In support of the struggles of workers, women and youth wherever they occur. Also against extractivism, repression and against all forms of exploitation and oppression. There are not a few, far from it, the power factors that we face every day and those that bother the millions of visits to our international network of newspapers and the great reach on multiple social networks. Because we unmask their lies and propose another way out.

We have a fight against very powerful enemies. We are proud of our militant work and of our development team that yesterday stopped this attack. They are not going to silence our voice.

But we also know that the fight is very unequal in terms of economic resources. As our readers know, we are not financed by any government or businessman. For this reason, once again, we also appeal to the financial contribution of those who support us. In this case, to continue developing our infrastructure and continue fighting so that our voice is not silenced.

The economic situation is very difficult, but together we can support this project. We invite you to subscribe to our Community, to support us financially with whatever you can, by entering here: Comunidad La Izquierda Diario.

You can also make your contribution with a transfer to our Alias: laizquierdadiario.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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