Former British intelligence agent Annie Machon made serious allegations during an interview in 2008. Machon alleged that the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad, conducted false flag attacks against Israeli interests in the 1990s. Among the cases More impactful, she mentioned the bombing of the Israeli embassy in London in 1994, suggesting that the Mossad carried out the attack to manipulate public opinion and dismantle a Palestinian support network in London.

Annie Machon: But the two cases that really caught our attention were, firstly, the false flag attack in London in 1994, where a car bomb exploded outside the Israeli embassy in central London.

Journalist: Now, I vaguely remember this.

Journalist: We are talking about 14 years ago.

Annie Machon: It was a long time ago, but…

Journalist: It was huge at the time. I mean, it was a huge story all over the world.

Annie Machon: Yes yes. In fact, there was a previous attack on a Jewish interest section in Buenos Aires earlier that year as well. Similar modus operandi, with a car bomb driven and parked outside that exploded. Very light injuries. That was all. No one died. And it was a very sophisticated device. It seemed to consume itself, consuming all forensic evidence.

Now, this is very, very rare. Even the IRA, which is a very sophisticated terrorist organization, couldn’t make such effective bombs. So it looked like a very technical person had put it together. But what emerged from that was that the senior MI5 officer who was in charge of the investigation saw all the evidence, but also all the intelligence, which is not always admissible in court. Formal evaluation at the end of the case. He said he believed the Mossad, the Israeli foreign intelligence agency, had bombed its own embassy. Some sort of controlled explosion outside the embassy.

And, as I said, this was a formal verdict from a senior MI5 officer. If you read this on the Internet now, you’d say it sounds like a crazy conspiracy theory. But it wasn’t. This was the official position of MI5. And he said they did it for two reasons. First, they were always pressing MI5 for increased security around their embassy and other interests in London, because, of course, London had a reputation for providing safe haven for Arab dissidents from around the world at that time.

And MI5 kept saying there was no reason to increase the threat assessment. They didn’t need extra protection. So, by carrying out a controlled explosion outside the embassy, ​​they immediately got what they wanted. But, crucially, two innocent Palestinians were arrested, charged and convicted of conspiracy to cause that attack.

And they were very active in a Palestinian support network in London, campaigning politically for people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. And they were getting some traction in the media, they were getting a lot of support. So by arresting these people and framing them for an attack and putting them in prison, the whole network just fell apart and hasn’t recovered to this day. That would be a clear political advantage.


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